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Zodiac Star Totem: Your Animal Patrons

Zodiac Star Totem: Your Animal Patrons

Astrologers agree with the popular wisdom that every person has his own totem. Experts in the field of star predictions are confident that all the signs of the zodiac have animal patrons.

Aries was traditionally considered to be the totem of Aries, but after long research astrologers concluded that it is best to use motley and energetic birds as a totem to Aries.

The best totem for Taurus is a cat. The reason is simple, because this animal is just as calm, soft and independent. This totem is especially good and effective for women, although for men it does not lose much value.

Totem of these people with incredible energy — a parrot or a mouse. It is these representatives of the animal world that will protect Gemini and feed them with internal forces, confidence and success.

For Rakov, an animal that always takes care of its offspring is perfect as a totem. It can be a squirrel, an elephant or a cat. In some cases, astrologers also mark bears.

In Lviv at first glance, it seems, everything is simple, however, not only the king of predators can be used as a totem. This can be any cat representatives, as well as a tortoise — a majestic and not in a hurry.

In Virgo, a bee or an ant can become the best friend in the animal world. Both those and others work tirelessly for the benefit of those who live next to them. Sometimes Virgans are also recommended to choose a beaver as a totem.

This sign of the zodiac does not know the limits of beauty, so a graceful animal like a peacock will be an excellent totem. A dolphin, fox or tiger can be a good totem for Libra.

Scorpions are warlike, but calm, when nothing threatens their home and loved ones. That is why the best totem for them will be a cat, a bear or a wolf.

Sagittarius — travelers, restless and energetic people who always know where to get to get luck. The best option for them as a totem would be an eagle or a goose.

These people are very attractive and dream to achieve a lot in life, so their totem is an elk. This majestic animal gives Capricorn self-confidence.

Aquarians are very self-confident and always go ahead to their goals. Astrologers advise to use a bull or rhino figure as a totem. Their energy will feed Aquarius, setting on the right path.

These people love to swim in their sea, hiding from everyone and from everything, so they are suitable fish or ermine. Also a great choice would be a fox or a whale. The choice depends on personal preference.

Totems are still relevant, their patronage is sought, they are also used as a talisman and amulet. The figure of your animal will give you peace of mind and faith in yourself, as well as help attract good luck. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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