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Zodiac signs: fears and complexes

Zodiac signs: fears and complexes

Ideal people do not exist, but we still find a lot of flaws in us that give rise to fears and complexes in us. Consider the signs of the zodiac and the degree of their complexion and dissatisfaction with themselves.

Aries with all their appearance they can show their strength of character and independence from the opinions of others. However, in the depths of their hearts, fear lurks in them for the fact that they may not achieve their goal. This is their vulnerability.

They fear that everything in one moment may collapse. In addition, Aries are afraid of loneliness and inaction.

Taurus may, throughout their life, become overgrown with new and new fears and complexes. Their biggest fear is loss of stability. Staying all alone without livelihoods is a disaster for them.

In addition, they are under great stress before making new acquaintances. At heart, Tauruses consider themselves less interesting than having many acquaintances and friends.

Twins completely devoid of any complexes. However, they still have fears. They are afraid of losing their favorite work and people with whom they have a good time.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are afraid of loneliness and lack of support from outside. Twins need to constantly feel useful.

Crayfish — natures notorious. Their complexes can be expressed in anything. They may well find in their appearance that which will cause them embarrassment and discontent.

The trouble is that Cancers react very violently to the opinions of others, they are not indifferent to the position of others and they are trying to live with the criticism in their address. In addition, Cancers are afraid of financial instability. They hardly experience any changes, so they are often afraid to change something in their lives.

Lions, despite their outward calmness, they suffer from certain complexes and fears. They consider themselves ideal, but deep down they realize that they are imperfect, and that they have a lot of flaws that they carefully try to hide. The fears that usually plague Lviv are the fear of losing and staying on the sidelines.

Virgin, rational and practical persons make a lot of demands on themselves, which, in their opinion, will lead them to perfection. They are actively fighting to get closer to their ideal, and this struggle can be endless. Virgos can openly talk about their shortcomings, but at the same time they are complex about their appearance and behavior.

Dev’s main fears are fear of surprises and change.

Scorpions they always feel their superiority over others, which means that they carefully hide their fears and shortcomings from prying eyes. In fact, the people of this constellation suffer from many fears. For example, they are afraid to remain idle. They also fear the daily routine and way of life.

Therefore, all their complexes and fears Scorpios are trying to hide under the mask of power, coldness and lack of principle.

Sagittarius do not know how to accept defeat. They will reproach themselves strongly for the slightest offense. People of this zodiac sign are afraid to be out of work. That is why they are making every effort to occupy a good position in society and find stability.

Sagittarius may be uncomfortable with what they are doing. If something does not suit something in the life of Sagittarius, then he will be ashamed of it and carefully conceal this fact.

Capricorns often suffer because of their external shortcomings, but over time they begin to perceive themselves as they are. They can also be complex because of their excessive restraint and inability to find an approach to people. Capricorns are afraid of losing all their achievements, afraid of being left without money and friends.

Aquarius scary complex, if they take any responsibility. They will constantly think that they will not be able to cope. This uncertainty begets a lot of fears. For example, People of this constellation are afraid to speak in public, they are thrilled by the thought that they will have to do something in front of a crowd of people.

In addition, Aquarius is very afraid of routine and gray days.

Fish, Perhaps the most notorious and emotionally vulnerable representatives of the zodiacal calendar. They are highly dependent on the opinions of others, which give rise to many fears in them. People of the constellation Pisces are afraid to seem strange, afraid of loneliness, lack of understanding and lack of support.

They are constantly dissatisfied with their external data, which can cause Pisces fear when communicating with people.

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