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Zodiac signs and TV: who likes to watch

Zodiac signs and TV: who likes to watch

We are all different, therefore, we have different preferences even in the choice of television channels and programs. Astrologers argue that such preferences are directly related to a person’s belonging to a particular zodiac sign. Well, let’s check whether this is true or not.

Aries, if they watch television, then they choose educational programs telling about the latest achievements of science and technology. They definitely need to be aware of all the events, so they can watch the news with interest. Their television viewing should always be of benefit or development, therefore representatives of this sign rarely devote their time to entertainment programs.

Taurus prefer everything that can please their exacting and delicate taste. They are watching programs about art and culture, about fashion and interior. If the calves watching a movie or a series, then it must necessarily contain elements of luxury and grace.

Twins often change their tastes with regards to TV channels and broadcasts. Today they like one thing, tomorrow another. But one thing remains unchanged — the information obtained from the «box» should be useful for representatives of this sign.

Also on the choice of transfer affects its duration. Twins rarely watch something to the end, that’s why they choose short TV shows.

Crayfish love to watch tv. Even more, they like to watch light films and TV shows that help them forget about all the problems and give rise to dreams and thoughts. Although, in fact, it is not so important for them what the TV screen shows.

Watching TV, they often try to fill the boredom in life. It often happens that they wake up to the sound of the TV and fall asleep with it.

Lviv do not feed with bread, let only see something such. Representatives of this sign always want to surprise yourself with something. They love action movies and entertainment.

They hate tearful serials and monotonous films. The fact that the Lions are watching must necessarily fascinate and intrigue.

Virgin they like to watch programs about health, medicine, repairs and housekeeping. The transfer must bear in itself not only the cognitive connotation, but also the opportunity to apply this information in practice.

Libra they love to watch movies and TV shows, where in the end justice prevails. In addition, they like the transfer, which can excite the nerves.

Scorpions — lovers of all secret and unknown. They prefer to watch programs with journalistic investigations and programs about traveling to unknown places of the globe. In addition, scorpions love the show, where people reveal their talents and show what they can do.

Sagittarius love to watch everything related to travel and adventure. They are very close in spirit. They love to learn something new about the cultures of other countries, as well as watch thrillers and action films.

Capricorns like intellectual shows, so they often prefer to hang on TV, looking at how people get paid for answering questions correctly. In addition, Capricorns love to watch educational programs. Their choice depends on what is currently happening in the life of a representative of this sign.

If Capricorn started repairs in the house, then it is likely that for some time his favorite show will be a repair and construction show.

Aquarius they rarely watch television, as they believe that it takes a lot of time and energy. However, if they are seen in a chair with a remote control, the programs are almost always intellectual and cognitive in nature.

Fish like programs about animals, about human paranormal abilities and anomalous phenomena. They like what makes you think or inspire. In addition, Pisces prefer to watch TV shows, which help them to relieve stress a little and forget about problems every day.

Of course, one cannot say exactly what the signs of the Zodiac prefer to watch on TV. However, based on their characters, lifestyle and interests, this theory of astrologers is quite reasonable.

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