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Zodiac signs and their bad habits

Zodiac signs and their bad habits

Astrology allows you to identify the predisposition of a person to a particular bad habit, as well as point out possible ways to get rid of them. Let’s look at the addictions of each astrological element and find out how to overcome addiction.

Zodiac signs belonging to the Elements of Water (Scorpios, Cancers and Pisces) are most often affected by their alcoholic addictions. To quit this habit, they should think about the future and realize what anguish and inconvenience they bring to themselves and those around them. This method should work, because the signs of the water element are prone to sacrifice.

Overeating is another major problem for these zodiac signs. They need to carefully monitor their diet, otherwise an extra plate of soup can cause serious illness. To tobacco smoking representatives of these signs of the zodiac are not so strongly predisposed, but still they should not abuse nicotine.

Representatives of the Elements of Fire — chain smokers and drinkers. Many of them are addicted to these habits at a young age to show their maturity and a certain status. In adulthood, it is already difficult for people of the Elements of Fire to give up alcohol and cigarettes. Saves them the fact that they love at least elite drinks, and not poured into a surrogate.

Smoking expensive cigars and tasting good wine gives them more aesthetic pleasure. If the representatives of the Elements of Fire suddenly decide to quit their bad habits, then they will be able to do it instantly! Gradual refusal from alcohol and smoking is not suitable for them. In addition, representatives of the Elements of Fire often suffer from gambling addiction.

Natures are very gambling, so their first big win can be a reason for the development of gambling. Only the understanding that they can be left with nothing will force them to get rid of this habit. And life without means of livelihood for them is flour.

People The elements of the Earth, which include Capricorns, Taurus and Virgo, primarily abuse sweet. They should follow an astrological diet, otherwise they will quickly gain weight. Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo is quite difficult to overcome their desires.

It takes them a long time to put an end to their pernicious addiction. Less than all other signs of the zodiac, they are subject to alcohol abuse and smoking. Even if they become addicted to these habits, it is easy enough for them to get rid of them. As a rule, they drink and smoke these zodiac signs to calm their nerves.

They rarely overstep the line between cultural drinking and alcoholism. Also, representatives of this element are subject to such innocuous habits as rocking on a chair and jerking with a leg. Or not so harmless: some bite their nails or pull their hair. This happens because of the frequent stresses to which Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are predisposed more than other signs.

They should often relax, relax and spend time with loved ones, it will help to neutralize the bad habit.

The elements of air (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini) are burdened with addiction to alcohol and smoking. As a rule, they begin to drink and smoke for the company in order to keep the conversation going. Sometimes they start to be abused under the influence of someone. It is very difficult for them to get rid of what was imposed on them from outside.

The only way out for them is self-discipline. For example, you can think of a system of fines and rewards. For every glass drunk, to deprive yourself of something important, and for persistence in front of habits, allow yourself something pleasant. Also, the elements of Air Element are avid shopaholics.

The desire to buy something does not stop even the thought that they will not stretch to the next salary. Only self-discipline and self-control will help them to get rid of shopping.

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