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Zodiac Signs and Conflicts: who quarrels

Zodiac Signs and Conflicts: who quarrels

Quarrels and conflict situations in our lives are not uncommon. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid them, but if you find an approach to a person, then it is quite possible to do it. The most important thing is to know the sign of the Zodiac, the instigator of the quarrel and his manner of behavior during conflicts.

Let’s find out how the representatives of the signs of the zodiac are quarreling.

Aries — natures quick-tempered and emotional. Just give them a reason — and they will immediately start to conflict, and their anger can be caused even by a trifle. That’s because Aries keep all their emotions with them and even a harmless joke can ruin them.

In the course of a quarrel, Aries can tell you a big pile of filth. But do not be like representatives of this constellation. A surge of emotion for them is a defensive reaction.

As a rule, everything they say during a conflict is not out of malice. In addition, Aries are very quick.

Taurus all the while trying to avoid conflict situations. However, if you piss them off, then you will not be sweet. In anger, they are terrible, moreover, they are vindictive.

All that you can tell Taurus in the process of a quarrel, they will remember for a long time.

Twins they don’t like to sort things out, quarrel and swear. But even if they become a party to the scandal, then hold on. They never quarrel just like that. This requires a very serious reason.

They will bring a bunch of arguments and arguments, defending their position. To get out of the conflict with Gemini as a winner, you need to show special flexibility and ability to clearly and accurately express your opinion.

Crayfish — These are representatives of the zodiacal circle, with whom it is generally better not to quarrel. They are so sensitive and susceptible that shouting and cursing them can only bring them to tears. They themselves never run up against a conflict situation, so it’s better to resolve conflicts with Cancers peacefully.

Lions in quarrels manifest themselves as real cats. They will bring a thousand arguments in their favor and by all means try to prove their case. If you want to maintain a relationship with a representative of this constellation after the conflict, then in no case do not omit his dignity and do not use any rude words in his address.

Lions do not forgive their offenders. However, if they understand that they were wrong in the conflict, they sincerely repent and be the first to go on a truce.

Virgin do not like to conflict. But sometimes with their tediousness and instructions, they can take any person off balance. Do not give in to this provocation.

Perceive Virgins as they are. They should not be rude and criticize their behavior, Virgos will take it as an attempt to humiliate them and will suffer for a long time.

Libra not particularly strong in disputes and conflicts. They like to solve all questions peacefully. But if you still have a falling out with the Scales, you can again get their good location to yourself, and it’s quite simple.

Libra soothe gifts, care and attention. But what you said to them in a fit of anger, they will remember forever.

For Scorpios Conflict situations are a favorite element. They feel the rise of energy and the peak of activity during the quarrel. It often happens that with their emotional outburst and anger they protect their inner world, which, in fact, is very vulnerable and sensitive.

Quarreling with Scorpios is fraught with negative consequences. People of this constellation are very vindictive, secretive and vindictive. Scorpios will always remember rude and degrading words addressed to themselves and will strike a blow to the offender when he is not ready for this.

Sagittarius in the process of conflict, they can tell a lot of insult, but they should not be taken seriously. They are simply protected in this way. In the end, Sagittarius quickly withdraw and seek to normalize relations with all parties to the conflict as soon as possible.

Capricorns can be very dangerous if you quarrel with him. Outwardly, they don’t even give the appearance that they were touched by the opponent’s words. However, deep down they will be greatly offended.

Capricorns may for a long time carry out a plan of revenge and, in the end, will take revenge on the abuser.

Aquarius manifest themselves in conflicts somewhat ambiguous. Everything as always depends on their mood. They can easily listen to their opponent with a calm facial expression, and they will not even raise their voice. And sometimes they deliberately provoke a conflict to have a little fun.

In the process of quarreling, they often laugh and ironically, which is what deduce their opponent from themselves. Do not give in to the provocations of Aquarius and violently respond to their caustic jokes.

Fish, at first glance, they seem to be completely non-conflict and peace-loving natures. However, if they are touched a lot, they can tell their opponent in the face everything they think about him. Nevertheless, Pisces is quick and quickly accepts a truce.

Try not to quarrel, keep friendly relations with people around you and do not forget to press buttons and

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