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Zodiac signs and alcohol: with whom you can not drink?

Zodiac signs and alcohol: with whom you can not drink?

Alcohol is a big problem of humanity, which, perhaps, will never be solved. From time to time everyone wants to drink. However, it is worth considering how drunken signs of the zodiac behave and with whom of friends and acquaintances, apparently, it is better not to drink.

With Aries better not to drink. Aries thinks that alcohol does not affect people in any way, although in reality this is not so. If you do not stop yourself in time, then you will find yourself with Aries in another city, in different clothes and with a different outlook, and do not remember how it happened.

It is not always safe to drink with Taurus, because they love to show their imaginary sobriety. They always break the vases, dishes and a positive opinion about them. They get drunk fast and do not behave properly.

Twins are able to drink, that’s for sure. It’s safe to start a feast with them, but you can see them from one of two sides — either as a gentle kitten or as a formidable devil who will tell you everything about you. So you should not drink with Gemini, if you are vulnerable.

It is pleasant to drink with Cancers, because they open up to the world when they are drunk. They are the most honest people in the world at this moment in life. If you are a Cancer and you have secrets — in any case, do not come to alcohol.

Leo is not dangerous — it is rather pleasant to drink with him, however, sooner or later a moment comes when it is simply impossible to stop him in stories about himself. He begins to annoy everyone with his “fresh” stories and will never stop.

Virgo is very responsible — you can always drink with her. She will never get drunk before unconsciousness, and in the morning she will put the house in order, reminding all the drinking companions that the outside world still exists. But her early awakening and annoying switching on of light, gas, water and everything that can be turned on, absolutely will not let you sleep.

Scales are people with whom to drink well. They do not pose a danger, they are very sweet and pleasant, because they abandon the estimated perception of the world when they drink. Libra loves everyone, and in the morning they are puzzled as to why they embraced with those whom they hate.

Never get drunk with Scorpio! It is dangerous for health, for reputation and for self-esteem. Many representatives of this Sign love to watch the surrounding drunk people suffer, and then repeat this soberly, returning to reality.

Sagittarius are very often the most malicious sober-drinkers, so it’s safest to drink with them. The only caveat is to never argue with a drunk Sagittarius. It is life threatening and ends unpredictably even for themselves.

Capricorn is not dangerous when drinking alcohol, so the main danger may overtake you in the morning. Capricorns remember absolutely everything that happened to them. So be careful of the statements and actions towards them.

Aquarians are extremely harmless, very pleasant, but if they even feel a small fraction of the intoxication, they go to bed. If you want to hold a drunken party in the most boring way — invite only Aquarius to it.

Fish + alcohol = danger. Run away from them, because their emotions change with the speed of light. Because of alcohol, they often become Internet stars, so you shouldn’t drink a lot with them if you don’t want to be in any video with them.

Alcohol affects our minds, changing not only our mood, but also our world view. Be careful and know the measure — then you will succeed, as well as peace for your life and health. If you still got drunk or decided to get seriously drunk, then avoid contact with Aries, Pisces and Scorpios. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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