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Zodiac signs and alcohol: who drinks like?

Zodiac signs and alcohol: who drinks like?

Alcohol affects everyone in different ways. Astrologers were able to identify the effect of alcohol on every sign of the zodiac. As it turned out, not everyone is able to control themselves after drinking a hot drink.

Aries and in a sober mind commit rash acts. And if they drink, they lose their composure at all! Being intoxicated, they are usually always looking for adventure.

Therefore, they are recommended to drink with those who can hold them back at the time of their riot of alcohol.

Tauruses do not mind drinking expensive wine in a friendly company. However, they need to know when to stop, otherwise harmless gatherings with friends can end in a major quarrel. Under the degree of Taurus can fall into a rage, and all can come down to a fight.

For Twins, alcohol is not of particular interest. Hot drinks are not a way for them to relax. When people of this constellation drink, neither their words nor their behavior change at all.

They are perfectly adequate under the power of alcohol.

Crayfish, being under a degree, quickly lose self-control. They like heart-to-heart talk in the company of a loved one and a bottle of good alcoholic drink. However, if Cancer takes too much per capita, it will surprise other people with its behavior.

All that has accumulated in his soul for so long will finally find a way out.

Lions know the measure. They are not averse to having a drink in a large company, but, as a rule, they rarely reach the point. Excessive alcohol consumption threatens them with a loss of prestige and respect, which they greatly value.

Most Virgos are opponents of alcohol. However, if they drink, it happens very culturally and with dignity. Astrologers say that Virgos are absolutely not allowed to drink, because their most vulnerable place is the liver.

Scales love expensive drinks. But they drink only because they support the company. Often they are sorted with alcohol.

Hangover Libra — the worst. That is why the people of this zodiac sign are trying to control themselves. Be careful with the snack.

The gastrointestinal tract in Libra is a weak spot, so it is better for them to eat on an astrological basis.

Archers for a glass of alcohol immediately become the soul of the company. But if Sagittarius drinks too much, then it will be extremely tactless and straightforward.

Scorpios are often subject to stress and emotional stress. Alcohol for them is often a way out of a difficult situation. If the Scorpios drink, then they have a good reason for this.

In a drunken state, they are dangerous both for others and for themselves.

Capricorns are by nature very restrained. Even alcohol does not act on them as a relaxing agent. If Capricorn decided to get away from the problems by drinking alcohol, then he will drink a lot and for a long time, but, alas, he will not relieve his tension.

Aquarius is happy to take part in any friendly booze. However, they do not always enjoy alcohol. Quickly getting used to alcohol, Aquarius risk loosening the nervous system and turn into neurotics.

Fish can not drink! They can quickly get carried away with alcohol, and then at the same speed addicted to drugs.

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