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Zodiac sign Taurus: characteristics and compatibility

Zodiac sign Taurus: characteristics and compatibility

Taurus is an earthly sign of the zodiac that has many virtues. Of course, one cannot do without a spoon of tar, however, these people can boast many advantages and excellent compatibility with other Signs.

Read our article about 10 unusual facts about Taurus. This will give you a more complete picture of the understanding of how the world sees any representative of this Sign. So you can understand their priorities, assess love compatibility with your Sign, find out your life position and just become good friends to them.

These people appreciate when they are understood.

Characteristics of the calf

This is one of the most «monetary» signs of the zodiac. Tauruses not only know how to earn, but also know how to save money thanks to their earthly essence. A very large percentage of the richest people on Earth are Taurus. They are prudent and always know what they need to spend money on and invest in.

Most Taurus earns speculation, trade and various manipulations with finances.

They are able to spend, despite the small craving for hoarding. They are invested in the house, in children, in the car. They love to look good, so they spend a lot of money on good clothes.

This applies even to those Taurus who did not succeed in finance. They love and know how to work, and also know how to relax. They rest either at home or somewhere abroad.

The third, alas, is not given.

They are smart and wise. Tauruses accumulate knowledge and take advantage of all the important tips that more experienced people give them. It is a storehouse of knowledge, not people. Most likely, they will not share them with you, unless you are their wife or husband.

Tauruses are very greedy, which applies not only to money, but also to people. They are proprietors, so they are terribly nervous when someone encroaches on their «property». They do not tolerate arrogance due to the fact that they are affected by the earth.

They love punctuality in people, although they themselves are sometimes late.

They are cheerful and can make even the dead laugh, but they lack diplomacy. They can only go right through, like a real bull. Sometimes this leaves them sideways, but in business often, on the contrary, it helps. In a word, these people are straightforward, therefore they are poorly compatible with many Signs in love.

If you piss them off, they will tell you that. If you insult them, they will hit you in the head. Don’t mess with them, they don’t like that.

Love compatibility Taurus

To fully understand whether these people are compatible with anyone or not, it should be said that Taurus is very beautiful. Nature gives them incredible charisma and grace. Women born under this sign can drive any man crazy. They easily fall in love and easily part, although the last fact is rumored that he is wrong.

It is said that Taurus only imitates a slight rupture of relations — in fact, there is a fire of indignation, jealousy, anger or simple human sadness inside them.

They may be romantics, they may be seducers, but their main love feature is sincerity. If they only need sex from you, they will tell you about it. If they need something more, they will not get away from you. Tauruses often have love affairs that no one knows about.

They love secrets for some unknown reason. Maybe because they love to manage people.

They are compatible with quite a large number of Zodiac signs, but best of all with Virgins, which are very similar to them, with sexy twins and with pushy Aries, if the latter are women, and Taurus men. The scales for Taurus are also very good, because they are beautiful and calm — they can tolerate their antics, jokes and constant energy excitement. This union will be very strong.

You can check your own love compatibility right now on our website.

Taurus doesn’t like someone to be better than them, so I’m not very compatible with Aquarius, Scorpios and other Taurus. Sometimes it is very difficult with Aries, and to such an extent that a war begins between them. Tauruses love Lviv, but cannot live with them because of the lust for power of the latter. This is the curse of such a relationship.

Power must love one, and the second should be parallel. Then love will be strong. Taurus with Virgo is a perfect example of harmony and good love compatibility. The first constantly climb on the rampage, and the second they soothe and support the advice.

Together they can be a strong couple, if Taurus does not go too far in its aggressiveness and lust for power.

One way or another, but people who were born under these stars can even make concessions, but they must be completely sure of you. They love honesty, openness and do not allow themselves to lie. They are indecently proud and lovelessly love life.

Earlier we wrote about love incompatibility. It is important to know not only with whom you will be fine, but also with whom you will not be on the way. No one can say in advance what the love relationship will be and what will be the communication with the person.

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