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Zodiac sign Scorpio: famous representatives

Zodiac sign Scorpio: famous representatives

Scorpio — a sign of many famous people. Among them are successful TV presenters, actors and singers. Glory and money brought them not only talent and hard work, but the character traits inherent in the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Mikhail Galustyan — a famous actor, humorist and producer. At first glance, it is difficult to assume that this short man with an open smile and a good-natured look is one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac. In fact, behind his harmless appearance lies a strong character. Galustyan possesses intrinsic magnetism and energy peculiar to all Scorpios.

Luck in his life plays an important role. All the people of this constellation sometimes achieve their goal easily, without much effort, because they are always lucky.

American actress Julia Roberts has many features of her zodiac sign. She has a magical appeal, which is difficult to resist. Such people attract the right people.

Scorpios only remains to use the gift of attraction for their own purposes, and this is what Julia Roberts uses.

Scorpio protects people not only in the field of art. Many people of this zodiac sign become successful athletes. For example, figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, possessing incredible perseverance and hard work, made his way into a great sport.

He boldly overcame all the difficulties in his path, took risks and, in the end, achieved a resounding success.

It is impossible not to add to this list Russian TV host and socialite Ksenia Sobchak. This person looks at the world realistically and walks through life with a confident step. Like a true Scorpio, she is quite cruel with her detractors and enemies.

The people of this zodiac sign is characterized by lack of principle, the use of hard methods to achieve the goal and a desperate desire to dominate people.

Russian actor Oleg Menshikov has a real Scorpio character. Even his appearance testifies to this: a tenacious gaze, a confident look on his face, a determination in his walk. This is the type most Scorpions have.

Their inner world, as a rule, is diverse and mysterious. Scorpios can easily hide their true emotions and feelings. This makes them strong and confident in the eyes of others. Menshikov also has a sense of duty characteristic of Scorpios.

He keeps these promises and is always ready to help those in need. It combines both rigidity and mercy at the same time.

Completes the list of famous Scorpion people TV presenter Tina Kandelaki. This woman can rightly be called a typical Scorpio, since she has all the features of this zodiac sign. Kandelaki all his life sought independence and freedom.

By nature, she is a fighter who easily, and sometimes brutally, sweeps away all obstacles in her path. Such are they, fearless Scorpios.

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