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Zodiac sign Sagittarius: famous representatives

Zodiac sign Sagittarius: famous representatives

Streltsam is characterized by a lively character, inextinguishable optimism and cheerful disposition. Celebrities born under this constellation have all these qualities in full.

The rock and roll queen Tina Turner belongs to the brightest Sagittarius. Her unimaginable energy, activity and hard work led her to the top of show business. The singer early on set herself the goal of becoming famous, and for many years she confidently walked toward this goal.

It perfectly combines fighting spirit and determination with gentleness and romanticism.

Actor Ben Stiller boasts a successful set of qualities of Sagittarius. This is an inquisitive and active person. He likes experiments, adventurous adventures and risk. He has a cheerful disposition, he is never seduced by lowly goals.

Ben Stiller goes through life with an open mind. He does not tend to wallow in the mire of deception and lies. An actor, like a true Sagittarius, always tells the truth and demands it from others.

American pop star Britney Spears was also born under the constellation Sagittarius. She is like no other, fits the description of this zodiac sign. She is distinguished by excessive craving for experiments. She loves to change and amaze.

The simplest confirmation of this is her bald nape, with whom she flaunted a couple of years ago. Her lifestyle is activity, movement and new knowledge. The singer loves to receive new sensations, but this did not always lead to good consequences.

Tyra Banks model is a typical Sagittarius. This proves her impermanence and desire to try everything. Starting a modeling career, Tyra began to try herself as a television presenter and singer.

She became a producer and even starred in films. This passion for the new turned her life into an endless search for fresh emotions. This woman is able to try everything in her life.

In this she is helped by perseverance, liveliness of character and determination.

The actor Sergey Svetlakov has a similar character. He, as a true Sagittarius, is prone to being in search of himself for a long time. Therefore, he is constantly ready to change roles.

Now Sergey is familiar to everyone not only as an actor, but also as a screenwriter, producer, director and songwriter. Sagittarius — by nature, people with diverse interests, so there is nothing terrible that they try themselves in different fields of activity. Their confidence and a large supply of vitality helps them in any business.

Actor Brad Pitt is also a Sagittarius on the sign. On his example, it is possible to trace with precision one quality peculiar to all Sagittarius — a dislike for all kinds of obligations. Many will disagree, remembering his personal life with Angelina Jolie.

After all, a couple together for many years, though they are full of children. And the trick is that between them there are no legal obligations, because they are not married. Sagittarius tend to avoid that which can even a drop to limit their freedom.

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