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Zodiac sign Pisces: stones, talismans and colors

Zodiac sign Pisces: stones, talismans and colors

Astrologers advise Pisces to wear amulets that can bring them closer to the real world and take off their rose-colored glasses. For the representatives of the constellation of Pisces stones are suitable: jet, opal, pearl, moonstone and coral.

Jet protects Pisces from damage and the evil eye, protects against negative energy and helps to restore vitality. This stone also gives its owner wisdom and insight.

Opal is a symbol of happiness, luck and love. This charm enhances intuition, drives dark thoughts and anxiety. It protects Pisces from the negative influence of other people, drives out fear and insecurity, regulates mental state.

This stone is recommended for those Pisces who have dedicated their lives to art. Opal gives inspiration, fills life with meaning and gives its owner vital energy.

Pearls protects Pisces from rash and adventurous solutions, protects against detractors and envious people and gives their owner lightness and optimism. This stone is recommended to wear to Pisces that are engaged in business. Pearls will contribute to making the right decision and will send its owner in the direction of benefit and money.

The moonstone has a beneficial effect on the mental and physical condition of Pisces. Representatives of this constellation are constantly subject to stress and anxiety. The moonstone helps to relax the whole body, banishes bad thoughts, gives harmony and tranquility.

Coral has magical properties and gives its owner the intuition, the ability to predict the future and see the prophetic dreams. This stone is suitable for those Pisces, which often fall into a stupor when making an important decision. Coral will give confidence, help you choose the right path and will become an indispensable assistant in the work in which Pisces show their intellectual abilities.

The talisman for Pisces is the shell. In general, the people of this sign of the zodiac can bring good luck all the marine paraphernalia. Pisces are amazing people attracting luck. Even when they no longer hope for a good outcome, Fortune gives them a helping hand.

Enlisting the support of the mascot, representatives of this zodiac sign will be even easier. A talisman in the form of a cockleshell, an anchor or a sea knot can attract even more luck to them.

Each sign of the zodiac has its own coloring. Fishes fit purple color. It symbolizes the hidden desire, mystery, fantasy, dreams.

This color completely coincides with the internal state of the soul of Pisces. Violet defines sensitivity, vulnerability, spirituality and impressionability in the character of the people of this constellation. Be careful with this color.

It is not recommended in excessive quantities in clothing, at home and at work, as it can cause a melancholic mood. Useful article? Then be sure to put and

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