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Zodiac sign makeup: how to attract luck

Zodiac sign makeup: how to attract luck

Beautiful and well-chosen makeup works wonders! This sure women and makeup artists. But astrologers unanimously say that not only beauty is important in make-up, but also its conformity to the character of a woman.

It turns out that with the help of astrological makeup you can bring good luck into your life and become more confident in yourself. Astrologers compiled a horoscope make-up that will help all women gain inner confidence, love and happiness.

Aries it is necessary to emphasize their determination and strength of mind. At work, the perfect makeup will be red lipstick, mascara on the eyelashes and natural tone of the face. But in a more relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, Aries should not abuse cosmetics.

Friends and the second half already know how strong they are.

Taurus It is necessary to use shades of gray, green and brown in make-up. Such a palette will attract good luck to them and enhance all the best qualities of their character.

Twins It is necessary to focus on the eyes. In make-up, according to astrologers, they need to express their character. To do this, Gemini need to use a contrast make-up.

It can be different colors of shadows, but necessarily one palette.

Cancer you need to experiment more with your face. Astrologers advise not to be afraid of the brightness in the make-up, but, nevertheless, everything should be in moderation. Shimmering colors of eye shadow, lip gloss and accentuated cheekbones are the perfect makeup for Cancers.

Lions bring luck red and golden colors in makeup. Their make-up should be clear, discreet, but at the same time intriguing and mesmerizing. Lions fit arrows, bright lipstick and black mascara on the eyelashes.

The virgins it is recommended to use soft pink or light brown blush in makeup. The colors they should most often use are blue, turquoise, emerald, marsh and green.

Libra, bold makeup is recommended for success. Representatives of this constellation need to apply bright colors and shades. They have nothing to fear experiments and risk.

Scorpions will bring good luck deep and passionate makeup. These are delineated eyes, rich color of lipstick, eyeliner, blush on the cheekbones and even tone. All this will make the Scorpions attractive and lucky.

Strelets It is recommended to reflect energy and movement in make-up, then representatives of this sign will always be positive. They are suitable for golden shades and pink. Abuse a large number of cosmetics is not worth it.

Makeup Sagittarius should be natural and natural.

Capricorn in make-up you must use brown and beige shades. Their make-up, according to astrologers, should be strict and not defiant. They are advised to avoid contrast and excessive brightness in the make-up.

Aquarius You must follow two rules in the make-up. The first rule is naturalness. The second rule is originality.

Representatives of this constellation should not be put on the face tons of cosmetics. The perfect makeup for them is a light lip gloss and bulk mascara.

Pisces A makeup is needed that would stimulate them to take action and give them vitality. They should always make a bright focus on the eyes. The colors in the make-up for this sign are blue, gray, pink and purple.

Astrological makeup will allow any woman not only to look great, but also to enlist the support of her zodiac sign. The main thing is that the image corresponds to the internal state of a person, then the reserve supply of internal energy will wake up in it. Like this article? Then be sure to put and

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