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Zodiac sign Libra: nature, health, ideal diet

Zodiac sign Libra: nature, health, ideal diet

A characteristic feature of all Libra is their duality. Inside their minds there is a constant struggle. It is common for them to doubt and think long before making a decision. Often they are unsure of themselves.

However, all the problems and doubts of Libra tend to overcome on their own. Libra does not like to listen to anyone’s advice, even if they don’t really know what to do in this situation. They do not tolerate pressure even from close people.

For them it is important to come to the right decision.

We must believe in Libra, then they can become more resolute and confident. In an atmosphere of conflict and misunderstanding, Libra feel uncomfortable. They tend to the pursuit of justice and personal freedom.

Representatives of this zodiac sign can never step over principles to achieve a goal. They will not go over their heads to achieve the desired. Scales are endowed with childlike naivety and perseverance. They are not typical of aggression and anger.

All important issues they seek to resolve through a peaceful settlement.

Possessing tact, politeness and excellent diplomatic skills, Libra can always achieve his goal. They look at defeat and failure in a philosophical way. They are not discouraged.

People of the Libra constellation always try to analyze their actions, calculate all the wrong actions and draw conclusions. Before you start any serious business, Libra tends to calculate everything a few steps ahead. Their strategic thinking helps to avoid an unpleasant turn of events.

In relationships with people, Libra requires respect and sympathy. They are sociable and tactful. In the Libra family can not live without love and understanding.

They quickly become attached to people. Love and respect are the main elements in a relationship for Libra.

Scales are very sensitive to the outside world. Because of this vulnerability, they may experience not only stress, but also serious diseases. The most vulnerable places in their bodies are the kidneys, intestines and bladder.

In addition, Scales are prone to allergies. The female half of this constellation should be carefully selected cosmetics to avoid rashes. In order for the Libra organism not to let them down, it is necessary to visit fresh air more often, avoid sources of stress and depression, and go in for physical exercise.

Scales are able to feel the disease at the stage of their appearance. However, not all representatives of this zodiac sign attach importance to the signals of their body.

In order to improve health, weights need to eat right. They are encouraged to eat dairy products, fish and lean meat. Also, Libra should often drink water. It will restore the body, give vitality and activity.

In food Scales should avoid foods with a high content of sugar and starch. To maintain the tone, Libra is recommended to play sports. At the same time they should avoid heavy loads on the body.

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