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Zodiac sign feud: with whom you are not on the way

Zodiac sign feud: with whom you are not on the way

There are no perfect people. Enmity and hostility inevitably flare up between people from time to time, and not a single sign of the zodiac can be called an exception, because we all get angry sometimes.

Earlier we wrote about what Zodiac signs hate. Based on this article, you will be able to understand how to find the shortest way to the heart of someone you like, or how to achieve mutual respect with this or that person. Some people are simply not on the path, as they are too different, but knowing that they hate one or another Zodiac sign will help you maintain at least friendly relations.

And about the enmity need to say special.

Aries do not tolerate people who are slow and guided by feelings. Aries and Pisces cannot have much sympathy. This couple can only rely on harmless coexistence, where they do not see each other.

Taurus for hatred needs a good reason. One of these reasons is complete indifference. These people do not tolerate when they do not pay attention. Of all the 12 signs, it is most offensive to observe Taurus from Aries and Gemini.

With these people, Taurus is not on the way.

Twins do not know how to hate, but they easily give up the company of people who are not interested in them. The most boring for them are Capricorns, who are always cautious and afraid to experiment. These people have almost nothing in common with each other.

At first glance, Rakovs have no reason to hate anyone, but it is very difficult for them to communicate with narcissists. Most often they are Lions and Scorpios, and sometimes even Libra. With them, Cancer can cause enmity and molecular intolerance.

Lviv often has a feud with those who surpass them in something. If Leo won a fair fight, then you risk becoming his enemy. In principle, this Zodiac sign, despite its egoism and desire for power, is quite rarely hostile to someone, because it gets tired quickly, but Scorpio or Capricorn can give Leo, and then dislike is almost guaranteed.

Virgos do not tolerate upstarts, egotists, regardless of the Zodiac, and hypocrites who love to pretend and keep back. It’s easier to say with whom the Virgin has no problems than to say with whom she has them. It is most difficult for them to find common language with Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces.

Everyone is pleasant to Libra, but they are at enmity with those who condemn their irresponsibility and frivolity. This is, first of all, the Virgin and Cancer. Scales can be flexible and patient, therefore they forgive the high demands of these two Marks.

It is incredibly difficult to communicate with Sagittarius to complex Scorpio. Scorpio is a proprietor by nature, which is bad for both friendship and love. Over time, or almost immediately, the dissimilarity of these polar Signs leads to enmity.

Streltsov Scorpios annoy their delusions of grandeur and strangeness. Also, it is difficult for them to catch the energy of Pisces, which, as it seems to Sagittarius, endlessly worry about themselves loved ones. Yes, there is selfishness in all, but in Pisces it annoys Sagittarius the most.

Twins — this is someone Capricorns do not understand at all. This ease with which live representatives of Gemini, simply introduces Capricorns into a stupor. If these people work in the same team, then in view of the differences in their philosophy of life, they will most likely be enemies.

Aquarius is difficult to communicate with many people, but they do not show it to anyone. They almost never have enemies. They blame themselves for their troubles, and in other cases they always find a way to solve problems.

You are not on your way with Aquarius if you are senselessly hostile.

Pisces is difficult to communicate with Aquarius, who constantly strive for knowledge of the world and never sit still. They are decisive and uncompromising. The fish need more time to make a decision, so they cannot keep the Aquarius with them.

Pisces has priority over feelings, therefore a conflict with the Virgin or Aries is possible.

Hostile Zodiac Signs or those who have special character traits are not necessarily an object of hostility. Enmity is a two-way process, so try to understand your colleagues, acquaintances and relatives, and not impose your will on them. Each Sign has its own vices and weaknesses, but the ability to negotiate and understand each other will save from conflicts. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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