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Zodiac Sign Divination for the near future

Zodiac Sign Divination for the near future

There is a huge number of simple and fast ways to know the future, but not all of them are right for you. Determine your perfect fortune telling by Zodiac.

For you, the one-dice way is best suited. He will be the most correct, because Aries have always been very lucky in gambling. Roll a dice on any reflective surface and say: “the truth is in you”. Each of the numbers will indicate the events of the coming days.

One — promises stability in your personal life, two — on the contrary, difficulties in relationships. The winning troika symbolizes wealth, the four represents pleasant acquaintances, the five represents success at work, and the six represents unexpected joy.

For zealous Taurus, an unusual fortune-telling on three matches would be best. They need to be marked with the help of notches: on the first — 1, on the second — 2, and on the last, respectively, 3. Put the matches in a small bag and shake it well above your head. With your left hand, pull out one of the matches without looking.

If you hit the first one, wait for passionate love adventures, the second one — unexpected profits, the third one — serious changes in all spheres of life.

You are the most ambivalent Sign of the Zodiac and the question-answer fortune-telling will become your way. To do this, make a pendulum of a golden ring on a long red thread. Holding it over the right palm, ask a question.

If the ring is swinging left-right, the answer is yes, if it is back and forth — negative.

You are sociable and always surrounded by people. Your type of fortune telling is very simple and unusual. Just before leaving the house, standing at the front door, speak to yourself about the event whose outcome you are interested in.

If you go out on the street, you first met a woman — everything will work out as well as possible, and if a man — the thought will not come true.

For active Lviv any guessing on the cards will do, but the most accurate way is with four aces. At any time of the day, lay out in front of you 4 cards of the highest rank, necessarily from a new deck, so that no one has played them yet. Without looking, choose a card with your left hand. The right one should be kept in a fist.

The suit will tell about the future. Worms promise passion and love, tambourines — faithful allies and help, peaks — profits that are not always obtained honestly, and baptisms — changes or life turmoil.

Sophisticated Virgos best to resort to fortune telling by the book. Any old book will be suitable for the ceremony, but it is advised to take Bulgakov’s mystical novel Master and Margarita. Guess something especially important and interesting for you, name the page and the line next.

Opening the book in the right place, you will find the answer to your question.

Your true fortune telling will be a simple way with a needle and thread. Thread the dark thread into the ear and make a pendulum of a kind, and tie a knot at the end. Hold the pendulum above the mirror and conceive an important question.

If the needle moves from left to right, the idea will not come true, back and forth will be a good result.

The ancient Scandinavian method with four kings will suit the restrained Scorpios. Without looking, mix the kings, put them on top of the playing deck and remove the very first card. If the cross king is the first, wait for unexpected news, the peak one is a pleasant acquaintance, the diamond one is a monetary reward, and the heart one is a change in your personal life.

People of this Sign can fully rely on fate and take advantage of a conspired coin. On any coin, whisper magical words: «tell the truth, hide nothing, bring good luck.» Doubting the decision, ask yourself a question and throw a coin into the air with your right hand.

The eagle will indicate a positive result, tails — negative. You should always carry such a coin with you and not give it to anyone.

Capricorns can ask the most exciting question to the conspiracy cube and find out what to expect from the near future. The white dice should be lowered into cold water and said: “scramble cube for an answer, tell the truth”. Then roll the cube with both hands. If there is an even number, the answer is yes, the odd one is negative.

For you, the correct way with the red thread will be. Without thinking, cut a piece of any size and wind on the ring finger, silently counting: “one, two, three. One two Three».

If the thread is over on the unit, wait for success in any business, on the two — a pleasant and fateful meeting, the trio promises unexpected changes.

You are distinguished by a highly developed intuition, and gypsy fortune-telling on playing cards will suit you. The new deck should be mixed well and put on a red cloth in front of a lit red candle. The top card will tell you about the future. Worms carry a meeting with the right person, diamonds — a good financial situation, peaks — changes, baptism — a rift in an important matter.

If the top was a six of any suit, beware of mistakes and cunning enemies.

Choose your most effective method of divination, which is best suited for your constellation and most accurately tell you how to proceed. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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