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Zodiac Sign Diet: How to get in shape by the summer

Zodiac Sign Diet: How to get in shape by the summer

Over the winter, people get better. But by the summer we all want to get in shape. And astrologers know how to do it.

Limit yourself to coffee and alcohol, and from the tea, prefer the green. To improve the shape, eat more celery, parsley, dill, cabbage, especially cauliflower, and lemon. Morning good start with porridge.

Remember that you lose your form when you are not aiming for a goal.

Be sure to exercise: without them, you will not get the desired result. You need vitamins A and E and plenty of water. A positive effect on the digestion of tomatoes.

For breakfast you will suit muesli with dried fruit. Prunes, dried apricots and raisins can not just become a healthier substitute for sweets, but also have a positive effect on the nervous system. Eat more green apples and go swimming or running.

Stop nuts and saltwater fish and try to avoid foods high in carbohydrates. If cabbage, cucumbers and pumpkin prevail in your diet, you will definitely look great.

For quick recuperation, figs, grapes, and whole wheat bread will do for you. Olives and citrus fruits are good for health, but it is not necessary to deny yourself caviar or pate. The more enthusiasm in work, the healthier your body works.

Partially replace meat with proteins of plant origin: eat more legumes. Dairy products and cereals cooked in milk will be useful. You can arrange a fasting day, spending it on yogurt, apples or fruits.

You can become a vegetarian and refuse meat at all, or simply use it in smaller quantities, preferring vegetables, especially not thermally processed or steamed. Try not to abuse the seasonings either.

The basis of your food may be seafood. They are extremely helpful to you. Vitamins B, C and E will help to support the figure, but strong alcohol, pork and fried fatty foods are best consumed as rarely as possible.

Artichokes and Brussels sprouts can be a good substitute for standard side dishes. In general, green seasonings and vegetables will be very useful for you. It is good to finish lunch or dinner with a small portion of grape wine and walk as much as possible.

Melon, watermelon, grapes and other fruits and vegetables that are rich in liquid will be beneficial to your health and shape. Limit pickles and baked goods, as they can harm not only your weight, but also your health.

Try to eat more legumes and fruits, especially pomegranates or apples. As a side dish, make yourself buckwheat porridge more often. Eat large quantities of greens.

Okroshka and oatmeal will give you enough strength and will be much more healthy food than, for example, pasta. Try to eat more seafood and even sea kale. From fruits and vegetables, stop at watery ones: pumpkin and watermelon.

Remember that not only diet is important, but also physical activity. You can agree on the proposed version of the diet with a nutritionist. All the best, remember that the measure is good in everything, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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