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Your zodiac sign and literary character

Your zodiac sign and literary character

Reading the book, we often find a lot in common with any literary hero. Sometimes the plot of the book fits so closely with our life situations that I want to exclaim: “Yes, it’s written about me!” With the help of astrology, we can recognize our literary hero, who fully corresponds to the character of our zodiac sign and may have the same habits, mindset and a similar way of life.

“And strong in the spirit of his people, irreconcilable with defeat, even when it is obvious, Scarlett lifted her head. She will return Rhett. She knows she will return. There is no such person whom she could not win if she wanted. The Aries prototype is Scarlett O’Hara, the heroine from Gone With the Wind.

The fate of the heroine Scarlett was full of ordeals and upheavals. However, she dealt with them with the grip of a typical Aries. She never lost her optimistic attitude and confidently walked toward her goal.

“The wolf did not return, but the villagers still lived in fear — they did not know any other life.” The reflection of the character of Taurus in literature is the Little Red Riding Hood. Taurus stand firmly on their feet. They are not looking for easy ways, and they are just trying to achieve everything.

Like the Little Red Riding Hood, they wander through a dark forest, although they are frightened. But for the well-being of loved ones, they will overcome all obstacles and emerge victorious from any situation.

“I never use women. I give them pleasure if they want it. ” The hero-lover Don Juan is a true Twin. This heartthrob is always ready for any turn in your life.

He will find an approach to each person, to adapt to any situations. Don Juan, as a typical Gemini, is subject to constant internal dialogue with himself, but his fragmentation of personality does not prevent him from achieving success, both in work and in love.

“I’d rather die than suffer like that!” — famous words from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. These are the words of Romeo, who is a typical representative of the constellation of Cancer. People of this constellation are very sentimental and romantic.

Because of the inconsistency of the desired with reality, they can make many mistakes. Cancers live by feelings and sensations, therefore they are often disappointed in the real world.

“I’m a small ghost with a motor. Wild, but cute! «. This is a quote from the book «The Kid and Carlson.»

People born under the constellation of Leo, fully consistent in nature, «a man in his prime» — Carlson. Optimism, inexhaustible energy, vitality and friendliness are all about Lviv. They, like Carlson, never lose heart, try to help everyone and create a sense of celebration.

Lions are charming and attractive, it helps them in life to achieve their goals.

«If you have an emotional range like a teaspoon, it does not mean that we have the same.» These are the words of the heroine of the Harry Potter novel, Hermione Granger. She is a typical representative of the Virgo zodiac sign. It is also pragmatic, attentive and rational.

Business acumen, practical approach and focus on results — these characteristic features of the Virgin are fully consistent with Hermione. Virgos live with their plans and ideas, but when it comes to the well-being of people close to them, they are ready to rush into any folly.

“I play for the sake of the game itself” is a quote from the great detective Sherlock Holmes. His character reflects the true essence of Libra. They like to analyze, reflect, connect one with another and to find relationships of cause and effect. Scales are cunning, sociable and intelligent.

Even when they are silent, they radiate the energy of their thoughts and mind.

“What would your good do if there was no evil, and what would the earth look like if the shadows disappeared from it?” — Woland’s words from Master and Margarita. Whatever you say, but in Scorpio there is still some kind of devilry and mysticism. People of this constellation, like Woland, are always mysterious and deep. Their gaze can confuse and make fear.

They can be merciless to their rival. All this is hidden under the mask of charm and external attractiveness.

“I am a cloud, a cloud, a cloud. I am not a bear at all. «- sang Winnie the Pooh, flying in a balloon near the beehive. This funny little bear reflects the full range of the qualities of the people in the constellation Sagittarius. They are prone to adventure and love to find adventure on his head.

Like Winnie the Pooh, they value friendship. They are distinguished by inexhaustible optimism and sense of purpose.

“The ladies do not answer such questions, because gentlemen do not ask them,” Merry Poppins from the novel of the same name loved to say. She is a prototype of a typical Capricorn, just as persistent, stubborn and serious. Capricorns do not want to make concessions, their decisions are not negotiable. Everything they do is deliberately planned and planned.

People of this sign strive for recognition and respect: “Ah, what a bliss, to know that I am a perfection, to know that I am an ideal!”.

“The first move is E2-E4, and there. And we’ll see! ” Typical Aquarius — Ostap Bender. People of this constellation as well as he are active, full of ideas and always ready for adventures.

They know how to enjoy life and, as a rule, take everything from it. For them, every day is like a holiday, and all life is a carnival!

«It is given to God only to know times and periods, and for him there is neither the past nor the future, for him everything is real,» Don Quixote often repeated to his faithful armor-bearer. This literary hero is a representative of the sign of Pisces: the same mysterious and extraordinary. He lives in his imaginary world, makes grand plans, and looks at people through rose-colored glasses.

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