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Your stone charm on the sign of the zodiac

Your stone charm on the sign of the zodiac

Each Zodiac Sign has its own special energy. All people are about equal conditions, but each has its own talismans and amulets that best protect us.

All signs of the zodiac are divided into four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Experts in bioenergy recommend choosing stones-talismans precisely according to belonging to one of these groups, because these people have special similarities. For example, the Signs of Fire are quite impulsive, because they need protection from rash decisions.

Earth Signs may need motivation, water signs — positive, and air signs — pacification.

Element of Air

This element includes Gemini, Aquarius, Libra. Representatives of these Signs are very emotional, but they are able to keep everything in themselves and not show it. «Air» people are not very well able to plan for the future, but in the present tense they can live very brightly. Most of the time they spend on work, entertainment, personal affairs.

They need more love and sensuality. That is why tourmaline, especially pink, will be the best helper in affairs amorous for Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. This stone will help you choose the right half and strive for love in general, because air signs often forget about this area of ​​life completely.

Partly tourmaline also helps in the search for creative inspiration.

Another good stone talisman for these people will be topaz, who can calm at the right moment. Sometimes it happens that people of the air element do not have enough banal self-control. In life, they are guided very poorly, sometimes preferring the wrong hobbies, people.

Getting confused in the lives of the people of Air is very simple. This means that you need the presence of some force that would restrain them from making the wrong decisions. For example, Aquarius does not know how to say “no” to people, because they often live life side by side with those who they don’t like, who use them.

Stone Topaz will help to cope with all internal problems and emotional dissonance. This stone is uplifting and inspires confidence.

In love will help cornelian. This stone drives away negative personalities from the elements of the element of Air. He helps most to Libra, because it is Libra that is most often chosen as the second half of the people who in all respects do not suit them.

Carnelian also helps to escape from the negative influence of enemies and detractors.

Element of Water

Crayfish, Scorpions and Pisces, despite belonging to the same element, quite different people. For them, nature has prepared various talismans. Cancers, for example, need to get rid of capriciousness, jealousy, distrust. Rakovs often have undeservedly high self-esteem, which deprives their friends, because communication with representatives of this Zodiac sign sometimes turns into a total nightmare.

Virtually all of these cons Rakov can close the stone emerald. It is called the stone of truth and purity. Crayfish under the influence of emeralds are gradually becoming the best version of themselves.

Scorpios are people whose mood changes so often that it can enrage even the closest relatives. Even the most patient people around Scorpios can turn into nervous and evil. Aquamarine can solve this problem once and for all. The stone has a cumulative effect, so you should always carry it next to you.

He will give the Scorpios incredible calm, give these people the ability to correctly perceive criticism and deny jealousy that is senseless and destroying everything around. This stone talisman helps to fight the desire for revenge and anger. Scorpios are envious, so they simply need aquamarine.

This is the only stone that helps Scorpios literally in everything.

Fish is a stronghold of melancholicity and incredible creative reserves. The best stone talisman and protector for Pisces — opal. There are two types of opals — black and white.

Black is strictly forbidden to Pisces, because it will make them evil and envious, petty and selfish. White opal solves these problems, not aggravates them. Pisces is unstable, so white opal is the best choice.

He will make the life of Pisces more structured, understandable. He will remove unnecessary craving for sadness, loneliness. Opal also helps to bring things started to end, not to be afraid of disorders.

This is a stone of balance, tranquility and endowments. It seems to be specially created for people born under the Sign of Pisces.

Earth element

Earth Zodiac Signs are Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus. Good stone for such people — jasper. It is a source of health and tranquility.

It allows you to work longer, and without any special emotional losses. Physical forces are replenished much faster when Earth Signs use opal continuously. Even this stone drives away negative thoughts, making people of the “earthly” more kind in general. Negative emotions destroy the mental activity of Virgins, Capricorns and Taurus, lower vitality, but in an absolute degree, not like other Signs.

Opal makes life of Earth Signs more enjoyable, teaches these people to enjoy life.

Signs of the Earth — the stronghold of wisdom. This means that it is possible and even necessary to try to multiply this wisdom in order to build it into an absolute. It helps turquoise. This gem attracts good luck in general, but also teaches people to use life experience correctly.

Not always everything happens the way we need. The people of Earth think that when everything goes upside down, it is their fault, but it is not. Turquoise proves and shows in the best way.

The effect of the stone is quite powerful, because it remains for some time. It can not carry around everywhere. You can leave it in the workplace or wear during periods of increased danger, during periods of difficulty.

Peace is an important part of the life of Virgins, Capricorns and Taurus. Pink and raspberry tourmaline — two of the most important «business» stone. Pink calms, and crimson stone stimulates creative thinking, which sometimes so much is not enough for earthly people.

These are beautiful stones for those who live in work and love it, so they spend a lot of time on it. Raspberry tourmaline — a stone of artists, writers, actors. It enhances observation and creativity.

Element of Fire

Fire Signs — Leo, Aries, Sagittarius. In principle, they are quite different people, so each of them will have his own stone-talisman. For Aries, the best stone will be diamond or rhinestone. These are strictly protective talismans that help Aries not to go too far.

These people forget completely about protection, rushing forward. Such stones not only remind you of the need to look back and be more careful, but also protect you from the troubles that are about to occur. The only thing that is required from Aries is the absence of nervous tension.

If these people are calm, then the stones will have the best effect on them.

The next sign is Leo. These people are more nervous than Aries. They need an assistant like ruby. This mascot is always recommended to wear.

It protects from jealousy, from the evil eye and damage, from envious people and enemies. He recalls important matters, improves memory and reduces the likelihood of conflict situations. Experts in bioenergy advise nervous people to be extremely cautious with rubies.

Lions are typical aggressors and rebels, but they know how to hide these traits and to disengage from them. You will have to do this as often as possible if you wear a ruby.

Sagittarius — the ideal representatives of the fire element. They have all the positive features of the elements of Fire, but they do not have such obvious negative features as Aries or Lions. Garnet — the best stone of Streltsov.

He not only gives harmony, but improves all the positive qualities of these people, and without any side effects. The most relevant area of ​​life for Streltsov — business. Pomegranate helps to find a common language with any person.

It is useful and in love.

Remember that each person is unique, therefore, in addition to the above talisman stones, you can use those that suit you in character. Be yourself and do not be afraid to learn something new in life, because every new day is a source of knowledge, experience, and happiness. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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