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Your place of power on the sign of the zodiac

Your place of power on the sign of the zodiac

Each sign of the zodiac is unique in nature, and each sign has its place, best replenishing power. You can replenish energy and achieve the desired, if you find out which place best suits your Sign.

Each Zodiac sign corresponds to one of four elements: water, air, fire or earth. Restoration of energy storage through meditation on the Signs of the Zodiac best of all occurs in the place most filled with the power of the elements of your Sign.

Places of power fire signs: Aries, Streltsov and Lviv

For fire signs, solar and hot places will be filled with power and energy: it can be the sea coast, a sunny meadow in the forest or a summer field. But the best place to replenish energy for the representatives of the «fiery» Signs, according to astrologers, are hot countries with active rest: India, the Emirates or the hot Cuba.

You can find a place of power without going abroad: for fire signs, open fire is especially powerful: a fire in nature can also clean and renew energy, even if it is not as effective.

Best Places for Earth Signs: Virgin, Taurus and Capricorn

The representatives of the earth element are best suited places moderately wet, with a temperate climate, fertile land and lush vegetation. The best places to replenish energy would be Italy, Iceland or Ireland. In these countries, agriculture is flourishing, and the energy of the earth will replenish the reserves of the forces of earthly Signs.

If a trip to distant countries is impossible, then the forest at dawn or dusk will be the best place of power for the Earth Sign of the Zodiac: at this time the energy of the earth is revealed most of all to interact with any living creature.

Place of power for the air Zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Perhaps the easiest way for air signs at any time to fill the energy loss and add vitality. The main thing is that around was clean air and a lot of free space.

That is why the representatives of the Signs of the air element are best suited mountains and wildlife. These can be countries with a warm climate, such as Abkhazia or Georgia, or countries with a cold climate and quite harsh conditions.

In «home conditions», walks through the open area: fields and meadows will help you quickly replenish your strength with air signs. Such a walk can be effectively combined with meditation while walking.

Places to replenish the forces of water signs: Pisces, Cancers and Scorpions

For water signs, everything is quite simple: a place of power will be a large amount of water. Where exactly — depends on the individual sympathy of each representative of water signs: someone likes the warm sea and sunny climate, while others like the natural beauty of Lake Baikal. The choice is yours.

For a good level of energy, Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios require periodic contact with open water. In the summer, it is quite simple, but in the winter, the only more or less complete replacement can be a bath or a bath with aromatic oils that cleanse the energetics and eliminate problems.

In addition to the presence of power in places, special meditations that open the chakras can help in energizing. We wish you as often as possible to visit places of power and find your own — the closest to you in spirit. Smile often, remember that you are unique, and do not forget to press buttons and

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