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Your main enemy on the sign of the zodiac

Your main enemy on the sign of the zodiac

Astrologers working on the compatibility of signs of the zodiac, revealed the worst enemies for each representative of the zodiacal circle. Emotional antipodes or complete opposites do not get along with each other and each time they want to annoy with something.

Everywhere we are surrounded by envious, evil, arrogant people. They are all around us. Sometimes they are just acquaintances, and sometimes they are colleagues, friends, and even relatives.

Have you ever thought about which Zodiac sign is your worst enemy? Astrologers have revealed a pattern by which it is immediately clear who to stay away from and, if possible, not even to start a conversation.

Representatives of this Sign simply hate boring people. Aries on a horoscope is full of energy and cheerfulness. This Zodiac sign can not communicate with sluggish, passive and lazy people.

Because of this, Aries are constantly quarreling with Gemini. Their hostility is based on Gemini’s depressive inclinations.

Taurus — a very serious, uncompromising and responsible personality, which surprisingly can not tolerate people like them. Taurus likes in people responsiveness, goodwill and ability to support. Such a Zodiac sign does not tolerate Capricorns.

That’s because they have money in the first place, and greed and greed overshadow their eyes, forcing them to go over their heads.

Twins are cheerful, restless and fussy people, due to which they can easily fall into a depressive state. Representatives of this Sign tries to avoid sad people. Typical Gemini is very difficult to get along with boring and sometimes even gloomy Pisces.

Crayfish are excessively calm and sometimes detached people. They like a quiet pastime and the monotonous rhythm of life. They are not in a hurry.

For them, enemy number one is Scorpio. Fussy, lively, full of drama. Cancers do not like too active individuals.

Lions are full of confidence. They are free, courageous and brave people and can not stand the same as they are. Their main enemy is Virgo, just as self-confident and arrogant.

But Leo believes that there is only one King, and that is himself.

Dev always has everything to be in its place. This applies to everything. Most of all they are afraid of chaos — both in things and in thoughts. This sign of the zodiac tries to avoid any disorder, so as not to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, depression, or even mental disorder.

Therefore, the Virgin most hates Aquarius, who sow everywhere a mess and turmoil.

Scales radiate serenity and harmony. They are good-natured and peace-loving personality. Representatives of this Sign do not tolerate those who are trying to command them.

And most of all they hate when they scream. That is why Libra is not friends with Aries. Aries is a very powerful and impulsive Sign, which by its pressure resembles a tank, but Libra does not tolerate it.

For the time being, this Sign of the Zodiac seems very quiet and calm. But in fact, his representatives are merciless, vengeful, and treacherous persons. Scorpios hate Aquarius dreamers.

They are ridiculous for them, boring and in general not of this world. Scorpio will never be friends with Aquarius — that’s the point.

Sagittarius is full of confidence, energy and vigor. These people top the list of the most successful personalities. Sagittarius — harmless enemies. They can not long be angry at those who offend them.

In their personal life, they always have everything in the best way, and at work they are waiting for success. In general, the Sagittarius among the zodiacal circle is a rather respected person, and they have no enemies as such.

Capricorns are tireless and almost never feel tired. They never stand in one place, they always go only forward. And therefore they hate bored people who do not like active life and prefer to stay at home.

The Capricorn’s Enemy is Cancer.

Aquarius is characterized by impermanence. They are very curious, love to learn everything new. They hate the «old school» people who are used to everything old and adhere strictly to conservatism. Aquarius starts to panic when someone has everything clearly planned.

Enemy number one for Aquarius is Taurus.

This is too vulnerable, calm and, most importantly, a creative sign of the zodiac. They do not tolerate restless, noisy and full of cheerfulness Sagittarius. Fish, looking at Sagittarius, a little jealous.

After all, it is difficult for them to get acquainted with a new person, they are afraid that they will break their quiet and cozy world.

As it turned out, hostile feelings are an astrological battlefield. In order not to suffer from the oppression of envy, anger and ill-wishers, avoid your zodiac enemies. We wish you a great mood. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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