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Your chief on the sign of the zodiac: how to find the approach?

Your chief on the sign of the zodiac: how to find the approach?

Every careerist should know what methods you can use to influence your boss in order to achieve your goals. There are many ways to achieve the location of their leader. Many books and articles have been written about this, but not all of them can solve your relationship problem with the boss, since all people have different characters and in order to get what you need from your boss, you just need to know all his strengths and weaknesses. parties.

The standard algorithm here just does not fit. However, do not despair, because astrologers have prepared recommendations for you that will help you to reach your boss. To do this, just need to know his zodiac sign.

So let’s go!

Aries-chiefs — these are active and active leaders. They want to see their subordinates exactly the same. Working under the direction of Aries is always interesting, but sometimes difficult.

In order to achieve a promotion, you firstly need to work hard. Zeal and enthusiasm will be appreciated. Secondly, it is not necessary to show the boss his mistakes, thereby emphasizing his ignorance or non-professionalism. Aries is always a leader and loves to look smarter and more capable, so let him feel this.

When promoting your ideas, try to emphasize that your thought did not come to you because you are so capable and smart, but because your boss is a good fellow. However, do not flatter. All your manipulations should be carefully veiled.

Taurus Heads — these are fair and loyal leaders. In order to find an approach to them, it is necessary not only to show zeal and perseverance in work, but also to be a reliable employee. Tauruses do not like changes and innovations, so they may be wary of all your new ideas and initiatives.

In order to reach such a boss, it is necessary to bring a lot of indisputable arguments in their favor. Chiefs-Taurus is not particularly inclined to raise their employees. To achieve advancement on a career ladder your imaginary dismissal will help.

Let him know that you have received a more promising job offer, then your boss will change his mind and decide that you really deserve more and will enhance you.

Twins chiefs, as a rule, they do not obey any logic in their decisions and actions. They are not so easy to find an approach. They value autonomy at work. If you want to improve, then you should offer as many fresh ideas as possible that can bring a good income.

Twins love everything new, so you need to think progressively.

Crayfish Heads they value in their employees not only their professional abilities, but also their human qualities. They are very insightful and always know who does what in the workplace, who are late and who do not fulfill their duties at all. There is no such thing.

In order to achieve the position of the Cancer Chief, you need to become not only an indispensable worker, but also a person close to him in spirit.

Lions chiefs love to feel respect for themselves from their subordinates. Carrying out your duties brilliantly, you can easily advance with your boss along the career ladder. However, do not forget about another trick that will help you speed up the process — this is flattery and praise.

Lions are willing to compliment and praise, it is their weakness.

Virgin Heads — these are people of action, rather than words. For them, not theory is important, but practice. Therefore, in order to advance your ideas, you need to drop all abstractions and focus more on the possibilities and the process of implementing your plans.

Be active, creative and do not forget that your ideas must be supported by strong evidence that they will work, otherwise Dev will not work.

Libra Heads great importance attached to the appearance of their subordinates. In addition, they want to see confident and communicative employees next to them. In order to achieve improvement, you need to meet all the requirements of Libra: accuracy, excellent appearance, discipline and, of course, professionalism and initiative.

Scorpion chiefs appreciate the integrity of their employees. They do not tolerate lies and flattery. In order for such a chef Scorpio to promote you, you need to have your own opinion and not be afraid to express it.

In addition, it is important to show aerobatics at work and not try to evade their regular duties.

Streltsy-chiefs — active and targeted people. As a rule, they give their employees almost complete freedom of action, but they also require them to perform all their duties on time. In order for such a Sagittarius chef to notice you, it is necessary to work quickly, efficiently and always for results.

Capricorn Head hard to please. You should not talk to him about personal topics. Such bosses like disciplined, responsible and hardworking employees.

It is also worth remembering that Capricorns are conservative in nature, so any idea of ​​yours must be clearly based on strong arguments and evidence.

Aquarius chiefs love employees who work hard and do not enter into disputes with them. It is rather difficult to understand them: they are meticulous in detail, then they give a lot of freedom to their subordinates. In order to achieve a boost from Aquarius, you need to show responsibility at work, fulfill all your direct responsibilities and not be afraid of new ideas.

Fish Heads always choose from among the employees a person who is fully trusted and with whom they consult on any work issues. In order to become «your», you need to be on the same wavelength with your boss. In general, this is the case when it is easy to get a raise from a boss.

It is easiest to convince the Pisces chiefs about something.

As you can see, everything is much simpler than you think. In order to achieve the position of his boss, it is only necessary to know his strengths and weaknesses, his preferences in employees and what he values ​​in the work process. By connecting your ingenuity and flexibility, you will be able to achieve career growth or improve your position in the workplace.

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