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Your best mascot on the sign of the zodiac

Your best mascot on the sign of the zodiac

The right talisman is not just a decoration. With it, each Zodiac sign will be able to receive an additional source of energy and strong protection from negative influence from the outside.

In order for the acquired talisman to interact with your energy, you need to establish close contact with him. On the first day after purchase, keep it in your hands more often, and put it under a pillow for the night. Thus, the talisman will tune in to the wave of your energy and will gradually become the best help and protection.

This sign of the fire element is aimed at winning. His patron is Mars, an extremely strong energy planet. For ambitious Aries who spend huge amounts of energy, you should choose gold talismans: rings, coins, chains.

They will also suit shiny steel things: weapons, souvenir knives.

Tauruses belong to the element of the earth, giving wisdom and prudence. Venus, the patron saint of Taurus, gives them sensuality and the ability to see the pristine beauty. In this regard, they will suit things with attractive beauty: bracelets, statues, copper-encrusted caskets.

The elephant and the bull will protect them from all kinds of adversity.

Air Zodiac Sign is aimed at communication, and its patron Mercury helps Gemini in gathering all sorts of information and obtaining new knowledge. As a talisman, representatives of the Gemini Sign will come up with a key made of gold or silver, which will open up new opportunities for them and help to make relationships with people. You need to pay attention to items related to information and high speed: books, vehicles, writing materials.

The sign of the water element protects mystical and mysterious moon. As talismans for Cancers, things made of silver, crystal and glass are suitable. It can be pendants with pendants in the form of the moon, month, cancer, crab or fish. These talismans will help protect Cancers from deception and betrayal, find new friends and acquaintances.

To bring feelings to harmony Cancers will help beads from turquoise or amber.

The Fire Sign represents strength and superiority. The patron saint of Lviv is the Sun, which gives them bright charisma and wisdom. As a talisman, this Mark will suit items that have their own history: orders and medals, rings and rings, ancient coins and other antiques.

Also as a talisman and protector, the Lions should pay attention to the figures of lions and eagles.

The representatives of the elements of the earth are protected by Mercury. The thoroughness and thoroughness of the Dev will be personified by an owl made of clay. Also, like Gemini, Virgos are prone to receiving new information, so diaries, pens, paper notes can become their talismans.

Beads, bracelets and pendants made of natural malachite will help protect against the failures of the Virgins.

The air element of Libra implies harmony and balance. The patron saint is Venus. For Libra, the best talisman will be a figurine of scales made of any material, but silver will be optimal for protection from the negative.

Libra is not alien to the sense of beauty, so they can choose any objects of art as talismans: carved jewelry boxes, figurines, paintings.

Representatives of the element of water are mysterious and often unpredictable. Patron Mars gives Scorpios strength of will and determination. As a talisman of Scorpio, you can consider figurines of metal frogs, symbolizing intelligence, fertility and renewal. They will help representatives of this Sign to find peace of mind and balance.

Crafts and decorations from obsidian will help the Scorpios in the development of psychic abilities and help protect their rich inner world from detractors.

The fire element of Sagittarius gives them restlessness and a thirst for adventure. Patron Jupiter gives Sagittarius the energy of movement and creation. Of the talismans, representatives of this Sign will use jasper articles: scarabs that will help Strelets to gain confidence.

Also, Sagittarius fit all kinds of tin products, including horses. These talismans will help develop the ability to communicate in communication, protect them on long journeys, and help Sagittarius in choosing a partner for relationships.

The sign of the earth, having an impulsive character and having the patron saint of Saturn, needs self-control and endurance. In this regard, Capricorn suitable products of natural rock, onyx and ruby: turtles, goats. Purposefulness and confidence Capricorns will give crafts in the form of a ladder, aspiring to the sky.

The air representatives of the zodiacal circle under the auspices of Uranus are characterized by insight and vision of future events. As a talisman Aquarius will help figurines of an angel of porcelain and crystal, which will increase their vision. Amulets made of silver and platinum will help get rid of stereotypical thinking and imposed opinions on representatives of this Sign.

Water representatives with the immense inner world and the patronizing Neptune choose talismans from products symbolizing water. Fish, shells, shells and corals will give Pisces joy and happiness, protect them from the negative. As a talisman and a strong talisman, Pisces can pay attention to incense and healing herbs that will help develop perception and increase the body’s resistance to disease.

Each representative of the sign of the zodiac can choose their mascot. To do this, you like the thing you need to hold on the palms. Often the object itself finds its owner, warming in the hands of the owner and generating pleasant feelings and memories. We wish you all the most prosperous, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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