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Your animal mascot on the sign of the zodiac

Your animal mascot on the sign of the zodiac

The date of birth of each person largely determines the future fate, character, purpose in life and even hidden opportunities. To improve the life of a representative of a certain Zodiac sign can be an animal mascot, which is associated with it on a mental level.

Your date of birth is a set of numbers that carry in their meaning the hidden code of fate. The ancient science of numerology will help you to calculate it, learn your own purpose and even change the course of life by adding successful adjustments. And your totem animal will be a great addition to a happy life.

Such a talisman works like a magnet, attracting only positive circumstances.

How to use an animal mascot

The cult of animal worship has been known since antiquity. The Egyptians honored the cat, and the cow is still considered the divine creation in India. Each element, to which this or that Zodiac sign belongs, corresponds to a certain animal that will become the custodian of your good luck, peace and health.

People whose mascot is, for example, a cat or a hamster, is much easier. Such a lively amulet can be made at home, and interaction with it will strengthen internal forces. But what if your totem is an exotic creature?

Keep the house of the same elephant is almost impossible. In this case, you should acquire figurines or images of the animal, as well as, if it is a bird, its feather.

Earth Signs and their Mascots

Taurus. Your lively talisman with the most power is an owl — a sacred animal that will give patience, increase communication with the cosmos, and help translate any desires into reality. The wealth and prosperity of the representatives of Taurus will give a statuette in the form of a bull.

A cow will help in family life and love.

Virgo. The representatives of this sign of the zodiac is suitable grasshopper. Such a small animal can attract love, prosperity, success and health to Virgo.

Also, by their nature, swallows are very close to them, which will help to cope with adversity and unhappiness, giving them strength and optimism.

Capricorn. Goat can help goat or a cat. Totem animals will attract capricious fortune, help get luck and health for the rest of their lives.

If you do not get such domestic animals, do not miss the opportunity to communicate with them live.

Talismans of Fire Signs of the Zodiac

Aries. A ram or a sheep will be for the representatives of Aries assistants in creating a strong family. And the patronage of a powerful deer will help to repel the incoming negative and acquire additional strength to achieve their goals.

Sagittarius. The keeper will become the keeper of the hearth for Streltsov. This animal will give its owner internal forces that will be easily sent to the realization of its purpose.

Deer will be able to provide Strelets Troops with protection and strengthen the power of the spirit.

A lion. A large statuette of the king of beasts will provide warmth to the house of Lviv. This animal talisman will enhance the volitional qualities of its owner, will give unlimited possibilities, energy and initiative.

The eagle, which rules the sky, will help the Lions to improve their personal life and social status. And the ladybug will pacify the impulsiveness, hot temper and temper of this Zodiac.

Element of Air and its animal mascots

Aquarius. The little dove is able to endow the representatives of this Sign with good opportunities and protect them from adversity on the path of life. The vigor and goat statuette will give the energy and self-confidence that the Aquarius often lacks in a horoscope.

Twins. Crow will help to keep Gemini faith in their own strength and love of knowledge. The bird will strengthen the intuition, and in some representatives it may even develop extrasensory abilities.

The picture of a mighty elephant will give peace and tranquility to its owner.

Libra. The goose will give the inner harmony to the representatives of this Sign. The second talisman bird of Libra is a dove that will protect their lives from misfortune, anxiety and disease.

But the donkey will help not to get out of the way, will endow with dedication and heightened intuition.

Water Signs and their totem animals

Crayfish. Will save from trouble and give vitality to the representatives of this Sign — Cancer. But calm, inner balance and harmony will be provided by cute animals: hamsters and rabbits.

Such animals can be kept at home and constantly charged with their positive energy.

Fish. The turtles and fish help the pisces in their life. This Zodiac sign would not hurt to get an aquarium: it will bring success and good health.

Scorpio. Family well-being, love and mutual understanding will be given to Scorpios by a quail bird. But the gazelle will endow with qualities that are so lacking for representatives of this Sign: activity and vigor.

The animal mascot will be a strong energy support. The main thing is that the image of your live amulet is always there. You can also bring good luck with your own Zodiac sign: the test will help you to become more successful without extra costs. Be happy, good mood, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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