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Which dog will suit you on the sign of the zodiac

Which dog will suit you on the sign of the zodiac

Each person is unique, but many character traits depend on which star he was born. Features of animals also depend on the location of the stars, so when choosing a pet, be guided by the advice of astrologers.

In the year of the Dogs, many decide to have a four-legged friend, but they do not know which breed to choose. Experts of the site dailyhoro.ru present you recommendations of the best astrologers who will help you to make the right choice. Remember that such a crucial step requires preparation. Be prepared not only to enjoy the company of your beloved dog, but also to care for it for a long time.

Evaluate all the pros and cons, talk to dog breeders, especially if you have not had experience with animals.

Hardy large dogs with similar temperament will suit the active representatives of this Sign. Aries can get along well with such breeds as malinois, German and East European shepherd, Doberman. Sports animals will help Aries lead an active lifestyle and enjoy every walk. However, you should not forget about the rest of Aries.

You can relieve stress and enjoy silence in the company of miniature companion dogs, for example, a poodle, a Pekingese, a Chihuahua.

Peace-loving and good-natured Taurus will like dogs that need affection and care. At the same time, the animal should not be assertive, because the representatives of this Sign prefer to observe the walks of the pet, and not actively participate in the games. For this perfect dog breeds Scotch Terrier, Sky Terrier, Chow Chow, Pug, English Bulldog. These dogs perfectly understand the mood of the owner and will not bother him, preferring to know the world around him.

Taurus will be able to safely walk with four-legged friends, enjoying.

Representatives of this zodiac constellation will like the kind dogs of the sheltie, collie, labrador, and spaniel breeds. The curiosity and cheerful disposition of four-legged friends will help the Twins to maintain an active lifestyle. The twins will love to train their pet and relax during long walks in the parks. Twins are not prone to negative thoughts and experiences, so fluffy friends with clear barking and glitter in their eyes will complement them fully.

In addition, the Twins love everything new and unusual, so they can pay attention to the beautiful setters or Dalmatians.

Cancers are prone to frequent mood swings, which is not surprising. They are ruled by the Moon, introducing into the life of the representatives of this Sign uncertainty, nervousness and excessive sensitivity. Therefore, astrologers recommend to stop the choice on dogs, whose behavior and equanimity will give Cancers an opportunity to calm down and relax.

When choosing a pet size does not matter. Your choice can fall on a huge Caucasian Shepherd, St. Bernard, Bobtail, and on the sky terrier, poodle or lapdog. The qualities of the animal are important.

And these breeds have a natural serenity and balanced character.

Lions are accustomed to luxury and glory. They love attention to their person, are fearless and full of determination. Aristocratic dogs are suitable for such strong-willed personalities: Russian or Afghan hound, royal or German mastiff, mastiff, setter. Graceful animals will satisfy the most capricious representatives of the Sign, will conquer them with their grace and proud walk.

Confident animals require strict upbringing, because their calmness can be replaced by ruthless anger if they meet with danger. However, the Lions are able to educate themselves.

Restrained Virgos are able to control any animals, and devotee dogs are preferred as pets. Favorite representatives of this Sign must clearly follow the commands, so Virgos will have to pay attention to puppies from an early age. However, this will not be a problem, because the Virgos sensitively catch the behavior of any animals and can be with them «on the same wavelength.» The choice should be made in favor of dachshunds, basset, terriers.

Noble Irish wolfhounds and dragons will be excellent pets for the stronger sex.

Weights are characterized by frequent changes in mood, therefore, in order to develop stamina and inner harmony, they should pay attention to dogs, wippets, risersnauzers, greyhounds. These dogs are harmoniously combined, so even a simple look at their perfect forms will give Taurus a sense of harmony and comfort. And in order to avoid negative emotions in your life, get a cat together with your dog.

Their friendship will help you cope with anxiety and teach you to live in harmony with the outside world.

Scorpios are first-hand considered lovers of all mysterious. They are not averse to comprehend the laws of the universe, are often addicted to esotericism and tend to believe in mystical events. They can develop their natural capabilities for extrasensory perception with four-legged pets. Ideal companions for representatives of this constellation can be Newfoundlands, Gruenandali, East European Shepherd Dogs, Great Danes, Black Terriers.

Exceptions will be dogs of small size, which Scorpios may simply not notice «in space.» Scorpions are suitable animals of the dark, and better black color.

Archers are known as adventure lovers. They are funny and convivial, so a stray dog ​​can become their four-legged friend. With them, representatives of this Sign will be able to establish a spiritual connection.

However, most Sagittarius tend to «work in public», so they may be interested in the following breeds: Afghan, Foxhound, Airedale, Russian or English Spaniels, Schnauzer, Rhodesian Ridgeback. But communication with mongrel animals will accelerate the spiritual development of Sagittarius. They will teach him spontaneity in relationships and direct him to search for the meaning of life.

Capricorns often lack restraint, despite the fact that this Mark is considered calm. The French bulldog, wayward basset hound or bull terrier, rottweiler, stafford, bloodhound, boston terrier, bullmastiff, weimaraner can help to cope with the feelings raging inside the senses of this constellation. They will become a source of self-confidence for you, and raising serious dogs will give Capricorns a real pleasure.

Do not forget that discipline and obedience should be in the first place for you, so that your four-legged friend does not give you trouble in the future.

Aquarius are the original people, they have a unique charisma and love all the extraordinary. The desire to stand out among the crowd can be satisfied with the help of rare breeds of dogs that are little known to the general public. For example, a Vandean basset griffon, a Chinese crested dog, a papillon, a Mexican hairless dog, a wire haired fox terrier, a Bernese mountain dog, a pointer, an English setter.

Active and noticeable dogs will allow Aquarius to start every day with a smile.

Fish are impressionable and often plunge into dreams. They are unlikely to fit dogs with excess energy. Overly mobile animals can knock Pisces off balance, which will have a negative effect on physical health. In this regard, representatives of your Sign may be interested in Cocker Spaniels, Maltese, Golden Retrievers, Welsh Corgi, Dalmatian, Pekingese.

Walks in deserted places with your beloved pet will allow Pisces to relax and enjoy the sincere pleasure of life.

Comfort for each Sign of the Zodiac is different, therefore, in choosing animals, everyone should be guided by their preferences. If you go in the wake of a fashion, you can miss the choice of a dog. After all, there is nothing worse than unjustified expectations. We wish you happiness, good luck in choosing, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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