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What planet controls you by the Sign of the Zodiac

What planet controls you by the Sign of the Zodiac

Each Zodiac sign is patronized by a certain planet. The planet of the Zodiac Sign sets the basic character of a person, bestows abilities and talents.

In order to attract the patronage of your planet, you need, first, to know its features, and second, to follow its principles. Find out which planet is your patron saint on a horoscope.

This planet is patron Aries and Scorpios. Mars symbolizes willpower, activity, courage, masculinity. Representatives of the Signs of Aries and Scorpio often lack restraint and inner peace — this is also the result of the impact of Mars.

In order to use the favorable influence of the patron planet, it is necessary to train in oneself the strength of spirit, confidence and determination.

Venus patronizes Taurus and Libra. This planet symbolizes love, family, harmony, beauty. Representatives of this Zodiac Sign need to develop their spiritual beginnings, strive for beauty and aesthetics, love art and pay more attention to their personal lives, then in other areas of their life everything will go well too.

Mercury is considered the patron Dev and Gemini. The planet grants excellent intellectual data, interpersonal skills, flexible mind, talents in trade, good oratorical abilities. The strength of the representatives of these Zodiac Signs is the ability to communicate, speak, and find a common language.

Through communication, they can achieve a lot.

The moon is the ruler Crayfish and Pisces. It bestows, first of all, a rich inner world, creative talents and ability to empathize. Cancers and Pisces should not forget about their forte — the ability to help, create and develop.

The sun is the patron Lviv. The sun bestows the representatives of this Zodiac sign with the energy of creation, creative talents, brightness, beauty. Leos should always be in the center of attention and focus around useful people to attract the favor of the sun.

Pluto is the patron saint Scorpions and Aries. This planet gives insight and sharp intuition. To achieve success in life, Scorpios should more often listen to their inner voice and be able to read the signs of fate.

Jupiter protects Sagittarius. She gives business skills and luck. And in order for luck to always be on the side of the people of this constellation, they need to follow their life principles, without departing from their ploys, ideas and goals.

Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. The planet is not very favorable for the development of life. It symbolizes restriction, philosophy, internal laws.

At the same time, it makes a person become an individual and a person. Otherness is the main requirement of Saturn.

Uranus patronizes Aquarius. Gives non-standard thinking, creativity, clairvoyance. Uranus forces to be a pioneer and innovator.

To attract the luck of this planet, it is enough just to bring things to the end and begin the implementation of their ideas.

Neptune patronizes Pisces and symbolizes harmony, creativity, nature, sensitivity and vitality. In order to gain harmony and enlist the support of Neptune, Pisces should live in unity with the whole world, realize itself as a part of it, rejoice more often, be in nature and be in a positive mood. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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