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What issues infuriate the signs of the zodiac

What issues infuriate the signs of the zodiac

People react differently to the questions asked and can aggressively respond to your curiosity. Before you pester with a person asking, find out which topics are best left out of, otherwise a scandal may become inevitable.

The signs of the zodiac differ in character and react to some questions in a completely different way. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru have figured out what is best not to talk with each of the representatives of the zodiacal circle. We hope that these tips will help you eliminate misunderstandings or conflicts when communicating.

Aries do not need to ask what goals they were pursuing by doing wrong. Representatives of this Sign are badly hurt by memories of failures, so tactless questions can turn into a sea of ​​negativity and resentment for you. Think ten times before asking such a question. You should also not ask impulsive Aries about the plans and goals that they set for themselves.

Such questions do not annoy them, but you can literally choke on the flow of unnecessary information.

Taurus should not ask about his personal life and work. They are reluctant to share such information, often believing that you can harm them. Do not try to extract information from them about the position that Taurus occupies, with whom they are in a relationship, where they live and what they prefer for dinner. Such tactlessness may disturb the representative of this Sign, and you will not like his reaction.

Taurus himself will tell you everything that he considers necessary, but do not expect to find out from him too much.

The twins are sociable by nature and are glad to support the conversation themselves. From them you will learn many interesting things, but there is one topic that will annoy not so much the representative of this constellation as you. Do not ask the Gemini about their health. They do not like to feel weak, but they will gladly share with you the most intimate details in the hope of support and sympathy.

Be prepared to learn all the unpleasant consequences of the disease and remember that you yourself have achieved this.

Cancers are closed and rarely tell anyone the details of his personal life. They are annoyed by the irrepressible curiosity of others, so be prepared to get a tough response. Of course, at once you will not be rude to Cancer.

For a start, you will get a streamlined answer, and only then be ready even for confrontation. Representatives of this Sign do not like it when outsiders put their nose into their privacy, and they will defend their secrets at any cost.

Leos like to talk about what goals they have achieved and what they have achieved in life. Beware of asking them about where they were defeated. The proud representatives of this Sign hate when someone remembers their mistakes, and they can be very upset. If you suddenly decide to ask Lev about the things that hurt him, be prepared for tough resistance and a long resentment.

Not the fact that you will be forgiven in the near future, and in the coming years too.

The forbidden topic in conversation with the Virgin relates to the financial side of life. Do not try to find out the amount of wages from a representative of this Mark and do not even hope that they will tell you the size of the savings account. Virgos love to cry the blues, and even if they have a decent income, they are unlikely to share this news with you. Talking about money can provoke in Virgins a desire to cry for a catastrophic lack of funds.

Another topic concerns personal life. Virgos will tell you everything that they see fit, but in such a tone that you no longer want to continue the conversation.

Libra will answer you any question, but not the fact that they will tell the whole truth. They can not stand to losers, therefore, easily embellish their achievements, keeping silent about mistakes. The frankness of the representatives of this Sign is akin to a miracle, so do not take all the stories at face value.

The best way to learn the truth is to wait for Libra to speak out. Only in this case you will get frankness from them.

Want to get the Scorpion out of yourself? Ask him a couple of personal questions. They are very annoyed by any attempts to penetrate into personal life, so representatives of this Sign can respond very rudely.

You can wake up the «beast» in Scorpio if you try to find out the details in a professional field. Such an encroachment can be interpreted by a representative of this constellation as the beginning of a cover-up game and intrigue.

Streltsov furious tactless questions and people who do not know how to stop in time. The flow of sarcasm and cruel comments is provided to those who thoughtlessly decide to find out the details of intimate life from Sagittarius or ask him about children’s injuries. Be sure that you yourself will have to answer honest questions, feeling as if being interrogated.

Representatives of this Sign will never mind punishing reckless interlocutors and point out to them their shortcomings.

Capricorns generally do not like to talk a lot, especially when it comes to their personal lives. Moreover, the ladies of this Sign are more loyal and can respond to a curious opponent. Despite this, be alert.

Watch the reaction of Capricorn in order to stop in time, otherwise you will feel all the anger of this Sign on yourself. Do not like the representatives of this constellation and talk about their own coldness. Capricorns rarely show emotions, but this does not mean that they are callous and do not know how to love.

Mentioning this flaw will quickly infuriate Capricorn.

For the people of this Sign, there is nothing worse than a conversation for which they are not ready. Be sure that a lot of negativity is waiting for you, if you are not tactful. Understand that Aquarius does not want to continue the conversation, you can for a long pause.

In the event that your question has not been answered, minimize the topic and do not risk friendship or friendship with this person.

Bring Pisceans out of themselves can questions relating to their promises. Do not require them to report on the work done, if the fish have not yet completed it. Representatives of this Sign hate excuses and are practically deprived of the desire to apologize.

Such conversations can be the beginning of a major conflict. Beware of asking Pisces about their health. Here you will become a hostage to your curiosity and many hours of story.

You will have to wait for sympathy and support, without which the «exit from captivity» is impossible.

Each sign of the zodiac has a bright personality, and it is not easy to find an approach to a specific person. If you need to find out more information about a particular representative of the zodiacal constellation, use the numerological calculation. Not only the stars, but the numbers are able to shed light on the mysteries. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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