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What in female appearance attracts men by the Sign of the Zodiac

What in female appearance attracts men by the Sign of the Zodiac

No matter how beautiful our spiritual qualities are, men love with their eyes, which means that the first impression on them is made by appearance. Find out what to conquer your chosen one, will help the horoscope of attractiveness. He will tell you how to hook the man you like.

Aries are quite impulsive and have a passionate kind. They are looking for a partner to match themselves, so pay attention to the figure and sexuality. But do not think that a man simply evaluates your external data.

So, Aries will certainly pay attention to your eyes, or rather, in the manner of holding. In his eyes, he will look for this willingness to go forward and support his flame.

Tauruses appreciate earthy enough, material and practical things. They will certainly pay attention to your hands, so in advance acquire a discreet, but elegant manicure. Keep in mind that he should not be too fanciful.

You should not increase your nails once again — such hands will create in the man a subconscious feeling that you are not very fit to do something with your hands. For example, a relaxing massage.

Interested Twins who love diversity and surprises need the same partner. Modestly looking down the eyes — not your strong point: use both sly eyes and infectious laughter. Interesting details and highlights of the exterior, a memorable mole, unusual hair color or asymmetrical haircut will help to conquer the beloved.

Just avoid pretentiousness: you must be unusual, but not strange.

Poetic and craving for family coziness Rakov will attract such a girl or woman who will be associated with hearth and warmth. Not the last role can play long hair. Beautifully laid or, even better, loose, flowing over the shoulders, they will drive your man crazy.

But with a short haircut your chances will drop significantly.

Lions will pay attention to the details of the wardrobe. They belong to the rare type of men who have a chance to remember whether you wear earrings and even what precious metal you prefer. The royal Leo will want to see the same person next to him, so you have to literally subdue not only his heart, but also a predilection for elegant, undeniable beauty and the ability to lodge.

Dev representatives, on the contrary, appreciate modesty and simplicity. Your chosen one will fall in love with a simple but tasteful dress, with a thin, wrist-emphasizing bracelet and with modestly lowered eyelashes. Avoid attempts to seem more naive than you are: Virgos love more intelligent women, and women’s logic does not seem to them to be charming.

Seduce Libra can be interesting and catchy detail. Romance in you must be combined with something extraordinary, with a thirst for experiment. You will like the one born under the sign of Libra, skillfully selected scarf or deep, unusual eye color.

A quality handmade or expensive designer thing will decorate you in his eyes — in a word, anything that goes a bit beyond the ordinary, but corresponds to his understanding of the beautiful.

Scorpios are famous for their passionate and hot temperament, and this glory did not come from scratch. If the goal of your female hunt is a representative of this Zodiac, arm yourself with something sexy, but by no means provocative or vulgar. Excessively deep cleavage may push straightness, but a black dress, emphasizing the chest or thigh, will be the way.

Sagittarius is keen on active and athletic women. And even if you are not a perfect figure, to demonstrate a taut belly, do not be discouraged. Show the details of the wardrobe that you love and know how to lead a rich lifestyle and are not accustomed to stand still.

It is Sagittarius who most often fall in love with short haircuts or casual shirts, so use this chance.

Attractive legs will help to find the way to Capricorn’s heart. Show them in the best possible way — not necessarily an ultrashort skirt, it is enough to choose a dress that focuses all the attention of your interlocutor on their length and shape of the hips. Also pay attention to shoes, pedicure — every little thing can be important.

Well, of course, do not forget that your beauty is not limited to feet.

Aquarius notices that even you may seem irrelevant. This is another type of men who notice the changing color of your hair and remember which finger you wear your favorite ring on, and whether you have a mole on your left shoulder. To sink into their souls, select some one winning detail and appear with it before his eyes, so that your image in his mind will be harmonious and complete.

Like and enjoy Pisces can create an image romantic and poetic. An unusual hairstyle will help you, but only in spite of all its complexity, it is important to feel and behave naturally. If you are afraid to once again shake your head so that the flowery and slyly arranged curls do not scatter from the hair, your lover will not be impressed so much.

Use the strengths of your own appearance and remember that so many people have so many opinions. Focusing on the attractive features in the eyes of men on the sign of the zodiac, do not forget about their own secrets. And, of course, press the buttons and

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