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What can never be said zodiac signs

What can never be said zodiac signs

We are all human, and all of us can have something to say that can bring us out of ourselves. There are such phrases that it is better not to speak to representatives of different signs of the zodiac.

Problems and negative communication appear for a reason. Many people do not know what hurts or annoys their colleagues, friends, or soul mate. If you do not ask for forgiveness in time, you can ruffle the interviewee.

You need to be careful with what we say and to whom.

Aries can never be told what to do. They do not tolerate orders. Of course, many people do not like it, but these people do not like it the most.

Of course, if this makes the boss, then everything will not be so sad. More importantly, in what form it is pronounced. If Aries suspects even the slightest neglect, it can cause a big conflict.

It is then that you will need to hide, so that you are not “moved”.

Taurus in the spirit can not tolerate people who criticize their things, apartment, soul mate. This is just the tip of the iceberg. With Taurus need to use the phrase «I do not like.»

In this case, you emphasize that this is just your opinion, but not a stone in the garden of a person. If you are too zealous, you can get physical damage. Otherwise, they will simply take offense at you and will not communicate with you.

Do not hurt feelings Taurus.

The twins love to chat, so they shouldn’t speak in an unfriendly manner so they are silent. They do not take offense at most of the words in the dialogue, but they can take it with hostility and be rather offended by it. There is no way to change this — the Twins are quite diplomatic, but the conflict cannot be avoided if you tried to silence the Twins for no particular reason.

Most of the representatives of this Zodiac sign are annoying when they are told to hurry. Cancers generally do not approve of the mandative tone, and when it comes a little further, they cannot be stopped. Yes, Cancers have their vices, which many people do not like, but Rakov does not care at all.

Anyone who wants to be there will be.

Leos do not need to say that in their appearance something is wrong. They may not kill you after this, but it will make them angry, hurt to the core. These are the luckiest people, if they are doing well with self-esteem, but they immediately feel when they are simply provoked, so you just cannot manage their emotions in such a way.

It is better to be as careful as possible in words.

Virgos should not say that they can not achieve anything. This is especially annoying to them if they have been doing something for a long time, and someone destroys their dreams with one phrase. You should not tell them that they are wrong. Here, too, it is better to support yourself with some facts, not speculation, otherwise you can seriously quarrel.

Still it is not necessary to admit to them in love for fun. Such drawings are also very dangerous with the Virgins.

Weights should speak only the truth. Scales hate when they lie. They may not swear at you or make a tantrum, but if a loved one does, then you should expect an immediate reaction.

Even more, Libra hates being lied to in the hope of being naive.

Scorpios should not report any gossip or blame jealousy. Of course, none of us is a saint, but Scorpios do not like being ill spoken about a person in the third person. Perhaps in the individual case there are more annoying phrases for them, but this is the most universal situation.

Scorpios can really flare up when these rumors relate to their loved one. Here it is worth thinking three times.

These people are ambitious and selfish, so that they recognize only their superiority and uniqueness. It is possible to offend or derail Sagittarius with a phrase that has a turn “you are the same as. «Or» you are the same as. «. They do not tolerate comparison with someone else. If you do this at the wrong time, you can easily run into problems.

Never call Capricorns lazy. Even if you do it in a comic form, they will anyway put a grudge against you. If you do it seriously, you can know the full power of their anger.

If you are a close friend to them, they may be offended by you. They perceive such phrases with bayonets, because they always work hard and try very hard to be the best.

Aquarians are ready to challenge any of your phrase. The only thing that really knocks them out of the rut is ignoring by a close person, a friend, the other half. These people are ready to speak on any topic, to listen to any of your complaints, but they never understand people who are trying to stop communicating with them without a reason.

Of course, there are reasons, but for some reason Aquarius may not be told about them. This infuriates them.

Pisces are furious when they are taught something purposelessly when someone is being clever. This can bring them into a state of rage. Of course, they will not show it immediately, but any kind of barb will be released anyway.

This dramatically reduces their compatibility with almost all signs of the zodiac, because even comments from loved ones can not be perceived adequately.

The nature of each person is individual, but within the framework of astrology we all have some features characteristic of our Zodiac. We can all be quick-tempered. Listen to those who are dear to you, so as not to get lost over trifles. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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