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Virgo zodiac sign: stones, talismans and colors

Virgo zodiac sign: stones, talismans and colors

To attract luck, representatives of the Virgo constellation should choose the right stones-amulets. Nephrite, jasper, serpentine, chrysolite and lapis lazuli are suitable for virgins.

Jade has healing properties. Jewelry made from this stone is recommended to be worn for diseases of the cardiovascular system and for kidney diseases. In addition, jade is able to induce Dev to take decisive action.

He awakens in them a craving for change that Virgos do not really like. The stone helps to attract good luck in all endeavors and makes its owner active.

Jasper should be worn by those Virgos who seek to increase revenue. This stone contributes to the enrichment and affects the successful resolution of business negotiations, discussions and disputes.

Serpentine will protect against damage and the evil eye. It perfectly repels negative energy from its owner. This stone is also good for public people who are constantly in sight of a large number of people.

Chrysolite gives Virgo attractiveness and charm. It makes them visible in society, gives confidence, promotes learning and assimilation of new knowledge. Also this stone helps Virgos to get rid of excessive pedantry, conservatism and tediousness.

Chrysolite gives Dev tolerance and ease in dealing with people.

Lapis Lazuli helps Virgos find common ground with people. This stone makes its owner more open, sociable and cheerful. He will help Virgos to treat people of different views and opinions more gently, smoothing their pronounced criticality towards others.

This will make Vir more understandable to other people, and they themselves will be able to communicate on a lighter and more relaxed wave.

The talisman of the zodiac sign Virgo is an owl. From ancient times this bird was considered the personification of wisdom, prudence and prudence. Owl figurine will help Virgos in saving money, attracting success, and also contribute to a better understanding of other people.

This talisman will protect its owner from dishonest people and unpleasant situations.

In addition to the owl, the Virgin is suitable mascot in the form of an aster flower. This flower will smooth the straightness of Virgos, their tactlessness and criticality. With this talisman, the Virgo will be able to take a different look at their environment.

Aster also affects the mental balance of its owner. Enough to smell this flower, and a bad mood will leave Dev.

The color of the Virgo zodiac sign is gray. This color symbolizes both humility and demanding of themselves and others. If Virgos choose gray color in clothes, then it must be diluted with bright shades.

This will make the image more resolute and meaningful. This color gives Virgo flexibility in decision making, enhances their serious approach to business and creates intrigue. Like this article? Then be sure to put and

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