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Vasilisa Volodina: what is the duration of love relationships at the signs of the zodiac

Vasilisa Volodina: what is the duration of love relationships at the signs of the zodiac

Most recently, an online interview with popular astrologer Vasilisa Volodina appeared in the network, in which she talks about how long love in family relationships lasts. This topic is very close to any woman, because it is often the thoughts like “he no longer loves me” begin to slip into the heads of the beautiful half of humanity. And it is also very interesting that the question is how the man perceives all this directly.

Often, after several years of relations with one regular partner, conflicts increase in a pair and the burden of words spoken in the heat of offensive phrases has tormented both of them for a long time. According to Vasilisa Volodina, the value of love in stable family relationships is often overestimated. Joint life itself is very difficult and it is often difficult for us to get along with this or that person under the same roof, says Volodina.

The main thing here all the same — is to make compromises with respect to your partner.

As follows from the observation of the famous French philosopher Begbedera, the love between a man and a woman lasts for three years.

First year filled with hot animal passion for his partner. The man does not notice how gradually the shelves of his bathroom begin to break from the huge number of tubes and jars, many of which he does not even know the purpose of. And in his closet there are more and more women’s underwear «just in case, if she stays.»

Dumplings and other semi-finished products began to disappear from the refrigerator. Dietary yogurts came to replace them and it was not clear from what made salads.

All this, according to the astrologer Vasilisa Volodina, does not bother anyone at all, since the main factor in the relationship of a couple in their first year is sexual attraction, which does not allow to notice anything around. This is the most favorite time of such signs of the zodiac as Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. They refer to the signs of the earth element.

Very often, in order to constantly enjoy it, they change their partners without thinking, thus getting stuck in the first stage of a serious relationship.

Second year relationship is held under the proud motto «we». Passion has already subsided, giving way to tenderness and care. Coffee in bed in the morning, delicious borscht and anxiety about whether the beloved woman is warmly dressed are a prerogative.

Here all their romance and thrift can show signs of the zodiac, belonging to the water and air elements. They will be pleased to care for their girlfriend, as a sign of strong relationships. In his interview, Volodina called it «nesting syndrome».

Any joint activities cause both lovers pride in their couple. Leaving the house, they hold on to the hand, and the man ensures that his passion does not fall on his high heels.

And now on third year, Vasilisa Volodina is sure that tenderness is gradually fading away: “You occupied all the shelves in the bathroom with your cosmetics, why do you need so much?” you». Such phrases become frequent guests in the relationship of couples.

Favorite borsch begin to bother. Relationships lack freshness, because nothing new happens. A man knows almost everything about the woman he loves, all the stories have already been told more than once, it remains only to remember «but remember, we went there and there.»

Particularly difficult in this period is fiery signs — Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Because by nature they are very hot-tempered and emotional, the usual annoyance can quickly turn into scandals with broken dishes and threats.

To avoid this in his relationship, Volodina advises, try to surprise your partner every time. This is not about jealousy or scare. Just always watch your appearance, whether you are at home or working, you have two children or you are a little unwell.

A man should always see in front of him a beautiful, well-groomed woman, with whom he is pleasantly located nearby. Try not to push each other. Find a common hobby, where you can pour out all your emotions, without getting lost on a loved one. Keep loving each other and don’t forget to press buttons and

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