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Tree-Patron on the Sign of the Zodiac

Tree-Patron on the Sign of the Zodiac

From time immemorial, people believed that trees have special magical powers and can influence people in the most incredible way. Some trees can heal and purify the energy field of a person, while others, on the contrary, can be called energy vampires. Each person should know his tree-patron of the Zodiac, because in this way he will get a great ally, who at any time of the year can help restore energy flows.

The horoscope of trees according to the Sign of the Zodiac says that the trees of Aries are pine, oak, fir-tree, alder and linden. Stars recommend that people belonging to this constellation choose lonely standing trees, which will have a lush and well-developed crown. Communicating with trees is better in early summer.

The tree according to the zodiac for Taurus is, first of all, a poplar. Also one of the main trees for representatives of this Mark is considered to be chestnut for men, and for women — walnut. That’s just worth being extremely careful when dealing with poplar, because it can not only clean the energy, but also take it.

Trees patrons for Gemini — maple and apple trees. Also Gemini as a power assistant can choose a pear, especially during its flowering period. Communicate with trees this sign should be late in the summer.

For people born under the constellation of Cancer, the tree on the sign of the zodiac will be elm, willow and alder. The best time to clean their energy, for Rakov will be May or August.

For Lviv, cypress or elm will be a wonderful natural talisman. Especially the stars distinguish the men of this constellation, for whom oak will become a powerful source of positive energy. It is recommended that these people communicate with their patron tree in September or April.

According to the horoscope, Virgo is one of the most practical and at the same time spiritually unstable Signs. The source of energy for this Sign is hazel, plum or alder. Many astrologers also secrete an apple tree and the time when it bears fruit.

Communicating with the talisman tree. Virgo is recommended in October, July and August.

For Libra, a strong patron will be birch or linden. Particular attention should be paid to the birch, because it is this tree that can not only stabilize the emotional state of the representatives of the Sign, but also relieve them from physical ailments.

Tree on the sign of the zodiac for the people of this constellation — rosehip, hawthorn, pine and chestnut. You can also note rowan. Communicate with your tree Scorpios should be in early spring, when the buds are just swelling.

Perhaps, the hornbeam or cedar acts as the strongest mascot tree for the Sagittarius. It is these two trees that can directly influence the physical and spiritual state of the representatives of this Sign. The time to communicate with the tree for Sagittarius is March, August and October.

The healing power for Capricorn will be beech, birch and fir. For people belonging to this constellation, the stars are recommended to communicate with their tree according to the Zodiac immediately, as soon as the first snow melts, or in late summer.

The strongest patron for Aquarius is poplar. You can also call linden and euonymus, since they are also able to influence the representatives of this constellation. The time for any energy contact with your tree for Aquarius is late spring.

But for Pisces, the tree according to the Zodiac can be called larch, yew, honeysuckle and viburnum. Particularly useful for people of this Sign will be the fruits of their patron trees. Careful to be with aspen.

The most suitable time for restoring the energy balance among the representatives of this constellation is the middle of summer.

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