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The man in marriage: we choose the husband by the Sign of the Zodiac

The man in marriage: we choose the husband by the Sign of the Zodiac

Many women have been looking for the man of their dreams for a long time. Though, as a matter of fact, you don’t need to go far for an ideal partner for marriage. There are no perfect people — this time.

For each woman there are their own criteria for choosing the man of her dreams — these are two. It turns out that in order to find a suitable orchestra for a happy marriage, you just need to clarify for yourself those qualities that you would like to see in your husband. Think about how you would like to see your family relationships? Based on their findings and preferences, it is worth choosing a life partner.

But how do you know for sure how a man will manifest himself in marriage? Astrology will help to clarify this. Let’s find out how, on the basis of the signs of the zodiac, men behave like a wedding field.

Husbands-aries will be excellent husbands for those women who can not live without praise and admiration in their address. But sometimes they do not pay enough attention to their spouse, as they are often busy with work. If they feel the attention of their darling, love and care, I will strive more for the family hearth.

They will appreciate the comfort in the house and the good culinary abilities of his wife. Every Aries man forms his own notion of the division of responsibilities in the home. If he considers, for example, that the repair in the house is a purely female occupation, then his wife should not argue, such is the share of being the wife of Aries.

Taurus Husbands, according to astrologers, are ideal husbands. As a rule, if they marry, it is once and for life. They are very economic and require it from their spouse. “All to the house” is about them.

Men of this zodiac sign will crawl out of the skin, but they will not allow their wife and children to starve. These are faithful husbands who are ready for the sake of marital happiness to many victims. Their only minus is restraint and a rare manifestation of feelings.

Wife Taurus may seem that her man does not love her. But this is not so, just Taurus men are not used to express their emotions violently.

Twins Husbands, as a rule, very caring and attentive to his spouse. In family life, they appreciate the ease and ease, so do not expect that they will show responsibility. Male twins in marriage are prone to adultery, they often lack diversity, their daily relationship is depressing.

They do not like to clarify relations and quarrels, and all conflicts are trying to resolve in a peaceful way.

Husbands-Raki — excellent husbands for those women who dream of creating a strong family for life. They are caring, attentive and responsible. Their main goal is to create maximum comfort in the house, provide for their family and make pleasant surprises for their chosen one.

Cancers are calm and not demanding husbands who do not need much for happiness.

Husbands lions can prove to be married like real tyrants. From their wife they will constantly demand all-consuming love and support. It is important for them to feel a foothold and like-minded person next to them. Such a husband perceives criticism very painfully, but he himself places high demands on his spouse.

Despite all this, Lions husbands are good lovers and generous patrons. In marriage, they must feel like leaders, and the spouse is always obliged to listen to their opinion.

Virgin Husbands usually manifest themselves in marriage as caring teachers. From any inexperienced and not economic woman they can make a perfect wife for themselves. Virgos love to point, teach and lead their chosen one. For them the household component of family life is important.

There is no comfort in the house — feelings are weakened. In their emotions, the male Virgos are restrained, so romance in marriage will not wait for them.

Husbands Libra — storytellers. In their head is full of ideas that they must implement. That’s just the motivation they lack.

They can feed their wife “breakfasts” all their lives, but they will not do anything if they don’t have a like-minded wife next to them who will direct their energy in the right direction. Men-Libra after the wedding do not lose their romantic mood, they love to make gifts, give attention and care.

Scorpion husbands they want from marriage not only comfort and care, but also the manifestation of feelings and love. Bytovuha and everyday life kills all the feelings in them. They are perfect lovers and faithful husbands. They can often give rise to jealousy, but if their spouse remains faithful to them, then they themselves do not change.

Moreover, Scorpio husbands do not tolerate when they are jealous. They demand from their second healers full confidence.

Husbands-Sagittarius, Perhaps the most versatile husbands in terms of ideality. They will become not only faithful spouses, but also excellent fathers. Such husbands will do everything for their family to live in love and prosperity.

The only thing that can prevent Sagittarius from finding happiness in marriage is the grayness of everyday life and the absence of emotions, mutual support and understanding.

Capricorns Husbands become excellent husbands for those women who value stability. They can give their woman all that they have. Capricorns, men always try to bring into the house much more than they can earn. They just need a family.

They appreciate the comfort, comfort and support of their spouse. Capricorns do not always vividly express their feelings, they try to restrain their emotions, which is often like the absence of love.

Husbands aquarius are often responsible and serious heads of the family. True, if a passive woman is next to them, then this passivity is also transmitted to them, which leads them to laziness and inaction. Aquarius needs in the marriage emotions and feelings.

They are not particularly concerned about the financial side of life, which often cause them to misunderstand their spouse.

Husbands Fish — loving romance. They will give their beloved woman tenderness, affection and care. Without any hints and reminders, they will give gifts to their spouse and make romantic dates on occasion and without them.

For Pisces feelings are very important, if they are not there, then the marriage will quickly disintegrate.

For every woman there is a man’s ideal. Everything depends only on personal preferences and their vision of the ideal family. If the article was helpful to you, click on and

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