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The main disadvantages of the signs of the zodiac

The main disadvantages of the signs of the zodiac

Each Zodiac sign has its own weaknesses and weaknesses. A horoscope will help smooth out sharp corners when communicating and turn character flaws into virtues.

No one wants to think, much less to expose themselves in a negative light. However, from his own character does not run away. Astrologers have long concluded that the Sign of the Zodiac directly affects the characteristics of a person. Each representative of the zodiacal constellation has key behavioral traits, and flaws are no exception.

And if we are talking about the flaws of the signs of the zodiac, it is not superfluous to know what astronomical point of view you have vices and weaknesses.

Aries are under the patronage of an aggressive planet — Mars. Everyone knows about the impulsiveness and explosive character of every typical Aries. But they also have one more interesting feature: the representatives of this Sign are very amorous people.

It would seem that there is nothing bad: where, in fact, lack? The fact is that Aries fall in love so often that their regular partner (if there is one) will have to be patient and wait until Aries is finally determined. Of course, after that they will become ideal partners, but not all people are willing to pay so dearly for personal happiness.

Taurus lacks the ability to relax: working people are ready to erect a monument to their own merits day and night. Exhausting themselves and constantly losing sleep, they sincerely believe that they will be able to earn all the money. However, attempts to prove to them a different point of view are completely in vain. If Taurus decided something for himself, no one will be able to convince him.

Fear is worth unjustified criticism of the representatives of this Zodiac. In any case, she will be out of place (in their opinion), but the charming Taurus will only take pity on close people. With the rest of the conversation will be short.

The twins are famous for their ability to talk about anything. Representatives of this Sign of the Zodiac can tell a story that is completely out of place for a long time and emotionally, thereby forcing the interlocutor into a trance. Periodically, there is a feeling that Gemini does not really care whether they are listening or not.

They are driven by the desire to share everything that has boiled in the soul, and this is an inexhaustible fountain of words and experiences. They will ignore the words of others to the last, fainting, and asking for a little silence. Twins, interrupting, contribute to each conversation, which, in fact, is a disadvantage.

No one else knows so much about stability like Raki. No wonder they love every time to blame the thoughtless actions of neighbors. But this does not mean at all about their own natural luck and ability to bypass sharp corners.

Simply Cancers horoscope extremely painful attitude to everything new. Caution, indecision and paranoia can be safely called the shortcomings of this Sign. But they are constant and consistent, which sometimes leads to boredom.

After all, even to betray Raku, it is uncomfortable to go, not only because of high moral principles, but mostly because of the huge amount of doubt.

This Sign relating to the element of Fire can hardly be called a clever and lovely. After all, their internal storm is able to break a person who has crossed the rules set by Leo into atoms. Such people are very demanding of themselves and completely ruthless to the misses of those around them.

Vain individuals with zero tolerance are not at all to blame for the fact that everyone is worse than them. But purposefulness, ambitions and career growth they do not hold.

Virgos are born chameleons, able to adapt to any conditions and impersonate who they are not. Having at first made an impression with an interested and simple-minded person, they can then astound you with their agility and hidden motives. Representatives of this Sign rarely do something simply out of good intentions: they are ruled by the desire to live for themselves and only benefit from any situation. Otherwise, why bother to try?

But to understand what exactly the Virgos conceived, it will not be possible even for an experienced psychologist.

About patience and perseverance. Libra is only read in fairy tales. Well, not given to them to engage in daily routine, for this there are other signs of the zodiac. Weights need to generate ideas and sell them for sale for big money.

Therefore, those who started doing business with representatives of this Sign may first be amazed at their inhuman interest, and then not notice how everyone did it themselves for Libra. Possessing fantastic charm, Libra will not miss the opportunity to lay down their work to someone else.

You probably read the parable about the tortoise and the snake, which did not sting, but did it anyway? So: she, most likely, was a representative of the constellation Scorpio. Such people have their own personal collection of grievances, which is very often replenished. And the Scorpios do not notice this obvious flaw.

They are always ready to take revenge, sometimes ruthlessly, and sometimes even despicable. But the representatives of this Zodiac sign fall in love once and for the rest of their lives, getting equally fervent feelings to their side. The only problem is that most often these are different people.

Therefore, Scorpios lead in the number of broken hearts among all the Signs.

Sagittarius are most prone to depressive moods, and not because of their own problems, but because it is impossible to live in such a terrible world. All and all representatives of this Sign of the Zodiac seek to surround with care, love, care. The trouble comes when they begin to use it.

Strelets Troops are ready to tolerate all the blows of fate, and not even squeak. But the rancor has never been canceled. They will remember everything in fine detail.

And God forbid you to meet the Sagittarius who was offended by you once.

Pessimism literally overwhelms Capricorns. The phrase «everything is bad» for them sounds like a hymn. In addition, some representatives of this Sign are well settled in life, exposing the merits of others in an immoral light. The ability to demonstrate themselves from the best side and humiliate the rest is typical for Capricorns.

However, the desire for an honorable position plays into their hands. Many Capricorns took place as individuals, but in a very slippery way.

This sign of the zodiac very reveres private space. Lucky if Aquarius is in a good mood and he will allow you to get closer to him. In the worst case, the representatives of this Sign are ready to do whatever they want in order to get rich and buy an uninhabited island, to which, of course, only the elect and loved ones will be allowed.

Neglect of new people, especially those who are trying to break through the psychological defense of Aquarius, may even result in scandal and uncontrollable curses.

Impermanence is the main disadvantage of Pisces. Representatives of this Sign are some creators of illusory reality who adore the audience. In pursuit of new sensations, Pisces can forget about some moral foundations of society and disappear from your life as spontaneously as they broke into it. But such emotions that this zodiac sign will give you will not be found anywhere else.

Light, sensual and romantic personalities put pink glasses on you, allow you to look at the world through them for a while, and then they will break it themselves.

When meeting a person shows only their positive aspects. All secret becomes clear only after a certain time. Therefore, we very much hope that the horoscope of deficiencies in the signs of the zodiac will help you look into the hidden traits of character of each representative. Successes you, happiness, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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