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The life principles of the signs of the zodiac

The life principles of the signs of the zodiac

Each of us has our own beliefs, which we follow in our life. Astrologers claim that life position largely depends on what sign of the zodiac we were born under. So, what beliefs are typical for your constellation?

Aries always firmly defend their position. The fighting spirit and perseverance can be clearly seen in their principles:

  • First I act, then I think!
  • I will not hurt you, only you do not touch me first.
  • Listen to the interlocutor to the end? No, thanks, another time.
  • I will never grow old!
  • Stubbornness is my second happiness!

Taurus rarely in the course of life change their beliefs and attitudes. If they already have an opinion about something, then it becomes very difficult to convince them.

  • I do not need someone else, just do not touch mine!
  • There is nothing better than comfort, tranquility and delicious food.
  • Spending money on entertainment ?! No, I’d rather buy a comfortable chair.
  • Thin world is better than a good quarrel.
  • All one-time is rubbish, not worth any money or strength.

Twins sometimes change their life principles. It all depends on the mood, which, exactly the same, and dictates them certain beliefs and behavior.

  • Better quantity than quality.
  • It is better to bend, but always keep afloat, than to stand on your own and eventually break down.
  • Today I am not the same as yesterday!
  • Possession of information — 99% success.
  • Our urchin everywhere ripened.

Crayfish from year to year carry their principles in life. Their beliefs are based on personal experiences, desires, and aspirations.

  • It is impossible to get rid of the past, it is always with me.
  • Patient waiting for success.
  • The refrigerator is full of food, so not everything is so bad.
  • Superior quality, not quantity.
  • My home is my castle.

Lions They do not hide their principles and are not ashamed of their convictions. They are what they are. So be kind enough to love, appreciate and respect.

  • I am Moses! Follow me and I will lead you to the promised land!
  • The more expensive and fashionable, the better.
  • It’s never boring to me!
  • Spending money is my calling!
  • Better to help yourself than to accept help.

Virgin never overstep their beliefs. Moreover, they do not understand those who disagree with their worldview.

  • You can’t take the fish out of the pond without any effort.
  • Order and organization is our everything.
  • Do you love me? Give logical arguments, and I believe!
  • Oh, how beautiful this regiment, hanging according to all the rules of Feng Shui!
  • Whoever gets up early, shine luck.

Libra — connoisseurs of beauty and incorrigible romance. Sometimes they lack firmness and decisiveness, which is actually expressed in principles.

  • There is safety in numbers.
  • I, perhaps, agree, if it is necessary for business.
  • Why argue if I remain the loser?
  • Beauty will save the world!
  • No mood? To hell, then all things!

Scorpions manifest their nature through a cunning and mysterious manner of behavior. They may seem simple, but in the depths they have a real thinker, who dictates the following rules of behavior:

  • My view is my strength.
  • Yes, I am Othello. Jealousy, passion and emotions are my constant companions.
  • To smile for no reason is silly.
  • Who would spoil the mood today?
  • Watch out, I’m a cactus. I can and sting.

Sagittarius — romance and easy-going people. However, they are always true to their beliefs.

  • All problems need to be addressed as they arrive.
  • Around the world in 80 Days? Not! This is definitely not enough for me!
  • How can I be offended at all?
  • Don’t be like everyone else, be better!
  • Conscience never gnaws at me. Maybe it’s just not there?

Capricorns never retreat from their beliefs. And this is probably their main principle.

  • Long harness, but fast food.
  • And the turtle can overtake the race horse.
  • No man is an island! Yes, even what!
  • Plans for the future is a schedule that must be followed without question.
  • I do not like luxury, but all the wealth and achievement that I have is simply a reflection of my success.

Aquarius they can change their principles, however they are constantly guided by many convictions:

  • The more original, the better!
  • Prejudice — the lot of stupid and limited people.
  • What kind of sex, when I have so many things!
  • Friends is holy.
  • No tradition — no problem!

Fish — thin and vulnerable creatures, and their principles are appropriate.

  • There are promises that they will not be fulfilled.
  • Order is the lot of boring and boring people.
  • I will be busy, really, until I know what.
  • I understand everyone, but not myself.
  • I will postpone everything for tomorrow, and better, for the day after tomorrow.

The principles of the signs of the zodiac, according to astrologers, can briefly and concisely describe the essence of character and personal qualities. Of course, not everything can be 100% identical, because many life principles are formed gradually, due to personal experience, while the above-mentioned beliefs are given to signs from birth. Like this article? Then be sure to put and

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