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The Influence of the Growing Moon on Zodiac Signs

The Influence of the Growing Moon on Zodiac Signs

In the period of growth the moon is gaining strength. The culmination of this phase is the Full Moon. The influence of the growing moon on each sign of the zodiac is unique, because the energy of the night «sun» interacts with them in different ways.

Follow the lunar calendar to always know which phase of the moon is relevant at the moment. Knowing how the growing Moon affects the mood and good luck of your Zodiac, you can better plan your business for the future. Generally speaking, generally speaking, the growing Moon is a kind of emotional boom, because all people become more irritable.

Nevertheless, it is during the period of growth of the lunar disk that it is good to start new affairs and interact with other people, because activity is generally enhanced and communication skills are exacerbated.

Aries is already active, but when the moon grows, he needs brakes. Growing Moon is a dangerous phase for representatives of this Sign. It is better for you at such periods to simply move forward without trying to defeat your enemies with excessive force.

It is better to restrain your emotions, and common sense — to connect as often as possible. In general, during such periods you find it harder, because the Moon is your enemy. Her activity does not bring anything good, so more often interact with loved ones and relatives so that they direct you in the right direction.

Taurus with the Moon are friends, but a strong, growing Moon is not always good for you. You can become hot-tempered, so before each growth period it is better to just relax. Go with the flow and enjoy every minute of life. Do not start important business, but finish everything that you started to do earlier.

In general, such a moon affects you well, but this influence is not always completely understood. Each period of growth of the moon must be accompanied by an analysis of what you have done in the past. Summing up needs to be combined with planning and solving urgent problems.

You are in a neutral relationship with the moon, so in the days when the moon is gaining strength, you also get something positive. The rise of the moon is a creative period for you. Custom solutions are always good for you.

From 2 to 14 lunar days it is much easier for you to make difficult decisions, because the Moon enhances your intuition, improves brain function. During such periods, negotiations, meetings, and interviews are better.

For cancers, the growth of the lunar disk helps to find the strength to move forward. In difficult periods of life, the growing moon is your lucky talisman. Stay true to your principles. When the night «sun» is activated, it is as if Rakov opens a second wind.

It is felt at any level — on the psychological, on the physical. On the growing moon, you need to move more and less to doubt yourself.

The growing moon knocks Lions out of the rut. More precisely, she can do it. She does not spare any of you, so it’s better not to cross the road and not go for it. In the first half of the lunar month, you need to live in caution and deal with purely personal matters, without interfering with anyone who can make you have problems.

We are talking about the authorities, the teachers at the university, about relatives. Such periods require maximum diplomacy from Lviv.

Virgin strong moon on hand. If Virgo has clear plans for a period of growth, then they are likely to come true. Do not postpone anything later, because then it may be late. The active moon seems to be pushing you to solve your problems.

She does it very gently and calmly, so these two weeks usually go well, if you are not upset about trifles and do not look for problems in everything. Doubting yourself on a growing moon is tantamount to early loss.

Scales and the Moon go on different roads, but the growth stage has a good effect on your desire to be transformed internally. This is more important than external changes. That is why on the growing Moon you better think about your soul, mood, love affairs, and not about work.

Positive energy waves during these two weeks interact better with your biofield. The growing moon acts not as a fuel, but as a catalyst.

When the moon grows, you better close all the windows and doors. Most of the problems it brings Scorpios closer to the Full Moon. Your desire to change something dramatically in your life rises, your mood gets worse and everything can just go somersault. On such days it is better to keep yourself in hand and not to respond with negative to negative.

Business and love relationships are most affected. Feel free to ask friends and family for advice.

Sagittarius moon growth can bring both problems and success. This concerns, first of all, the sphere of love. When the moon increases its potential, you lose it a little. The closer to the full moon, the closer to parting and quarreling.

You should not fiercely defend your opinion on any issue and try to turn any conversation into controversy, debate, discussion. Avoid this. The rising moon points you to your shortcomings, so take the time to self-analyze.

It is better for Capricorns on the growing Moon not to risk once again, however, you can benefit from increasing the energy background. Sitting inside your comfort zone is not worth it during such periods, because anything can happen. By the Full Moon, you may regret what you have not done or have done, but wrongly, so any actions are better supported by caution inherent in your Zodiac.

In Aquarius, cognitive dissonance happens on a growing moon, because thoughts get confused, things don’t go with the speed that is needed. Calmness and faith in yourself are all you need to succeed in the period of increasing moon power. Astrologers note that an overly strong desire to get everything can immediately destroy your plans and disrupt the normal course of affairs in any area of ​​life.

Pisces the moon in the period of growth can give great luck in creativity and in love. At work and in everyday life on such days it is better not to look back. Look for new ways to solve standard problems and stay on your chosen path.

As the moon grows, so will your new opportunities. It affects you very positively, but it also requires a lot of effort.

On the growing Moon, affirmations for every day help to tune in the right wave especially well. Motivation is the main secret of happiness in those days. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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