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The ideal age for marriage on the sign of the zodiac

The ideal age for marriage on the sign of the zodiac

For a marriage to be successful, it is important to responsibly choose the time to start a family. According to astrologers, the representatives of each Zodiac Sign have the best period for their wedding.

If you have a clear idea of ​​what your future will be in marriage, you can go against the laws of astrology. If you do not know what to expect from family life, then it is better to marry in a strictly defined period. In the life of representatives of each Sign, sooner or later there comes a stage that is most favorable for a wedding.

Aries grow up quite late. They are best to choose a wedding, either too early or late, because in the midst of youth Aries are not ready to radically change their lives. According to current trends, the best age for marriage will be 18-20 years and 30-40 years or more. The fact is that if Aries marry or marry at 25, then there will be a period of global doubt in their lives, which becomes difficult to overcome.

It is better not to risk even in 18 or 20 years, although such marriages in Aries are considered to be very successful. If you have a black stripe in your life, you should not look for her solution in marriage.

Taurus can not be given a second chance in love. Taurus themselves are also obliged to look as skeptical as possible at remarriages. You’d better marry once.

According to astrologers of the site dailyhoro.ru, you should prepare for a wedding up to 25 years. Early marriages will also be very positive if there is an experience in love. Be sure to partner in one hundred percent.

If there is no certainty, then you should not climb into this jungle.

Your worst traits are windiness and selfishness. In this love there is no place. If you want to get married with your other half, then it is better to do it not spontaneously.

You can choose the age of any, because you especially do not change during life. If you need specific numbers, it is better to stamp in your passport after 40 — this will be the safest for everyone around. If you want to protect a loved one from an error, it is better to tell him immediately that it is dangerous to deal with you.

Do not go so far in a relationship — limit to a civil marriage, so as not to regret.

The character of a person born between June 21 to July 22 is one that marries as early as possible. Even simple statistics show that this is not the best option. Do not pull the marriage is not worth it. The best age to create a family and put a stamp in the passport is from 23 to 28 years.

The longer you wait, the worse it will be for you every year. Experts in the field of astrology note that it is better to choose partners who would be the same age as you, or would be a little older than you, but this is not particularly critical. Up to 23 years old, you can marry well, too, but less likely.

In principle, any age will suit you if you are confident in your partner.

They say it’s better for lions not to marry at all and not to get married, but this is certainly not the case. You’d better do it as late as possible, but you can. A bad marriage will clear your karma, and a successful marriage will confirm that you have walked the right path in life. You even unsuccessful marriage can bring a lot of benefits.

Do not focus on how much you live together and how. Look at what you have learned in living together with a person. The best age for a wedding in Lviv is closer to thirty and a little over thirty. If you decide to get married early, then go ahead.

All the same, you can not convince, you yourself know it.

The power of thought works wonders. In your case, this is real magic. If you are not sure that the marriage will be effective for you and your second half and happy in general, it means that it will be a problem.

You are very dependent on your thoughts, because you are pre-configured for any result. For Virgos, the best age for marriage is from 25 to 35 years. For men, this segment can be shifted another five years ahead.

The fact is that you are people of experience, not impulsive emotions, so you need to avoid hasty decision-making.

Libra is better to get married or marry up to 30 years. Then every year the probability of a successful marriage will decrease, because people, after overcoming the thirty-year milestone, lose confidence in themselves, grow old psychologically. It becomes much more difficult to become more attractive after 30, so much more energy is needed to maintain beauty.

This is especially true of women who are very vulnerable in this regard. Male Libra begin to age very much closer to 40 years, so their ideal period for marriage is extended.

Scorpios can create a family and in his youth, and in the very late age. And that, and other representatives of this Zodiac, it brings only advantages. Starting in the early twentieth century, Scorpios enter into such a period in which only success in business or the recognition of society as a whole helps them to become happier. This is a period of research when they do not need a life partner.

Marriage can be a serious mistake from 20 to 30 years for Scorpios. Look at marriage as a pleasant attribute of growing up and maturity.

Sagittarius can attract the desired in their lives, because they always work on themselves. In most cases, Sagittarius make decisions based on their own or someone else’s life experience. These people can marry or get married at any time in life. Such decisions discipline these people, although they sometimes do not make them as happy as representatives of other Signs.

On the part of Sagittarius, problems in marriage are almost never the case, because they can safely correct or look for some compromises. Remember one simple truth: you can always agree with Sagittarius.

For Capricorns, marriage is an excellent way to increase your income and status in society. The best age for such a responsible step among the representatives of this Zodiac is from 30 and above. Up to 30 it is important to build your life, and then you can think about the «collaboration» with another person. The word “commonwealth” was not applied here by chance, because in a marriage it is important for Capricorns to trust a partner and be friends.

Too early marriage is doomed to failure, because Capricorn needs free space and independence.

Aquarius simply can not get married or marry unsuccessfully. Such relationships can ruin your life. The worst thing is that there is almost always the risk of building unsuccessful family relationships.

The only way to reduce the likelihood of failures in love for you is to start a family as late as possible and with the wisest person possible. Relationship must last at least 5 years before the wedding so that you can be sure of your partner. Sometimes three years are enough, so you should not play a wedding too early.

Theoretically, if you start dating the second half at about 16 years old, then by the age of 20 you can try to get married if everything is all right.

You should not drag on the problems of the second half. Such a relationship for you automatically become unsuccessful. Learning to value your strength and time Pisces succeeds only by the age of 23-25.

It is from this age you can think about marriage or marriage. Late marriages for you may also be prosperous, but it is better to put a stamp in your passport to the age of 35. In the modern world it is hard for Pisces to be emotionally cold and indifferent, so you need to learn how to restrain your empathy.

Men are less concerned. If you have not yet learned how to abstract from other people’s problems and value your personal time, then it is better to postpone marriage.

You can become happier in different ways, and the wedding is not always included in the list of the most obvious methods. It is important to remember the feasibility of such a crucial step. Life is not so long that it was possible to experience some setbacks without consequences.

Of course, you will gain valuable experience, but it is better to do everything right the first time. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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