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The best husband on the sign of the zodiac

The best husband on the sign of the zodiac

Very often, representatives of various Zodiac signs fight for the right to be the best in any category. Men are most interested in which of them is the best husband.

The best husband is the one who is able to support the howl of a lady in a difficult situation — some will say. The latter will be foaming at the mouth to prove that the best husband is able to protect. In fact, everything is extremely simple, because the best ladies are always called those who have the fewest drawbacks.

Strengths are important too, but who needs them, if it’s impossible to live with you?

Getting rid of the shortcomings should be joint. Men should not shift everything on the shoulders of their chosen one. Love is a joint swimming in the open ocean, so you need to be able to support each other in both storm and calm.

To achieve success in love, Aries’s men are helped by their unsurpassed strength of character. Unfortunately, it can often be the cause of most of their problems. Aries are one of the best men for marriage, albeit a little uncontrollable.

Of the obvious shortcomings worth noting the lack of understanding of loyalty.

If a woman succeeds in immediately informing Aries that he now belongs only to her, then there is a chance that he will understand everything correctly. They may be uncontrollable and do not understand the hints, but they are among the best fathers among all the signs of the zodiac. And yet, in the intimate life they are huge masters — this, too, can not be ignored.

Taurus — very good husbands. This is before the wedding, they are bad in all aspects, ranging from loyalty to cleanliness. But as soon as they understand that everything is serious, they are corrected cardinally.

This is not always the case, but in most cases all the disadvantages of Taurus evaporate somewhere. The negative energy of these men sometimes makes itself felt, but marriage will not be affected too much.

Tauruses are good because they do not make choices too fast. Among all the signs of the zodiac, it is Taurus men who wait the longest before making an offer.

Calling twins the best husbands language does not turn. Even if you ask a woman who is married to such a man, she will tell you that it is better not to choose Gemini for the role of father and family support.

This does not mean that everything is so terrible — just the men of this Sign do not understand how important it is to live not only for themselves, but also for their wife. Twins are very selfish and love to be with friends. Enjoying life alone with his wife, they will be a maximum of six months — then they will again want to watch football, drink beer and chat with friends.

To choose Gemini as husbands is only for women who themselves do not mind being sometimes separated from her husband. In such a marriage should be clearly understood and aware of the danger of a banal loss of interest to each other, due to poor love compatibility. But, as they say, who does not risk, he does not drink champagne.

Not all women can get along with men-Cancers either, because these men have a special mentality and world views. Cancers constantly think that they can impose an evil eye or damage, can take away their happiness. It speaks of their anxiety.

In love, it turns into jealousy, which, as we know, is not a solid building block of happiness.

If you can call yourself a strong woman, and are deeply in love with Cancer, then you can safely get married. If you are too impressionable and are not ready to forgive any tricks to your husband, you will have to look for another partner in life before you decide to marry. Summary: Cancers are good husbands, but for the most persistent.

Lions survive the separation very hard, despite the fact that they show the world that they supposedly do not care. These men are pretty good husbands, despite the fact that any lady with them will be very difficult, especially, then, a few years after the wedding. The lions are somewhat similar to Rakov — they are just as jealous and unruly.

It’s impossible to argue with them at all, exactly like a dialogue on an equal footing.

On the other hand, the Lions will never betray you. Many consider the men of this Zodiac sign to be wrong, deceitful, but this can only be so if you yourself are the same. In fact, a relationship with Lions of any gender is a test of who you really are.

Lions will help you understand how you yourself can become a good wife.

Virgos know how to make new acquaintances once or twice. These men are very sociable, but also very touchy at the same time. They can tolerate your antics, but do not offend them for no reason, because even their patience is not unlimited.

Virgin men can no doubt be put in third place in the ranking of the best husbands on the sign of the zodiac, because Virgos are those same men who, although demanding, will also do everything you ask. If you do not like to clean the house. They will do it themselves.

Do not know how to cook — also not a problem, because you can always learn together. If you do not demand from them, but peacefully and diplomatically ask, then you can get everything in the world. And they are beautiful and loving fathers, fair people.

After only a few years in marriage, Libra is starting to wonder if you are really suited to each other. Male Libra are good husbands, but only the first couple of years, because then they seem to be someone replacing them. It happens not with everyone and not always.

In addition, this process is reversible, but all the same, Libra will not enter the top three.

Fathers are not the best of them, because they cannot choose between severity and excessive gentleness. In marriage with Libra, you need to keep your ear sharp, because nobody has canceled adultery. Scales are very malleable.

Scorpion men often have a relationship crisis. They come up with these crises themselves, and then wonder why women leave them. Of course, Scorpios have unearthly charm, intuition, intelligence, sense of humor.

They do not need to go out of their way to get the lady of their heart, but in marriage they are simply terrible.

Many men, if not most, change after the wedding. As for the Scorpions, something bachelor remains in them even after they stamped their passport. Many women are terribly annoying.

On the one hand, this is not such a big problem, but Scorpios rarely want to solve it.

The second place of the best husbands on the sign of the zodiac goes to Sagittarius. These men are very attractive, intelligent, farsighted and loving. These qualities make them one of the best. They are always interesting with them, because they don’t like to sit in one place.

Sagittarius are drawn to everything that is unknown, new, and therefore you will have bright moments in the intimate side of love, and in financial affairs, everything will also come out year after year.

The main thing is not to be jealous of Streltsov and not to make them “slow down” their development. Grow with them and relax completely. These men are able to change your life and turn it into a pleasant adventure.

If you are not a slave of stereotypes, then such a marriage will inspire and inspire you.

Capricorns in love are not particularly lucky, because they are looking at everything through the prism of logic. These are cautious people, but if they find their love, then this is most likely forever. In marriage, such men are incredibly stable, though not emotional.

It can be boring with them, but they enter the four best husbands by the Sign of the Zodiac absolutely exactly.

Capricorn men are well aware that trust is the basis for love and marriage. Until you gain their trust, they will not open up to you and will offer to be their wife. It may take a long time to wait, but it’s worth it.

If your feelings are true, then everything will be fine. Even boredom over time will seem like a good equivalent of peace. Capricorns are devoid of negative energy, so only good is emanating from them.

Aquarius could become good husbands if it were not for their endless jealousy and numerous oddities in behavior. These men are well aware that they are not suitable to be called the best husbands, so they live alone. You should not try to lead them down the aisle, because they will stop loving you so much.

Give them more freedom and do not strain them with your behavior.

If you are a sensible woman, then the Aquarius man will become for you an excellent friend, lover, helper and patron. Well, the wedding can be played later. Do not rush and do not customize it, then everything will turn out.

Life for Aquarius is transient, because they are true realists and materialists.

Man Pisces will help you find a purpose in life, because he will be as interested as possible. Fish are made for marriage. They receive the first place, because of the shortcomings they have only the desire for bad habits, which is easily treated.

Some ladies also point out that Pisces can cheat on their wives, but this is also quite fixable — you should always be interesting for them.

It does not happen that everything is perfectly smooth. There are always certain “buts” and certain compromises. You will also need to work to ensure that the marriage with Pisces is successful, but in terms of its quality, such a marriage will be the best in all aspects.

Pisces men adore their children and do not leave anyone in distress.

Love is possible without jealousy and domestic problems. Everything depends on us, on people. Men are an important component of marriage. But we must not forget that nature itself spelled out one important rule: women are the center of love.

Without female love, a family is impossible, so you should not argue with the laws that are already hundreds of thousands of years old. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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