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The 5 most vindictive signs of the zodiac

The 5 most vindictive signs of the zodiac

People react to the negative in different ways. Someone forgets all the bad things, and someone starts to hide insults and in parallel develops a plan for revenge. Astrologers will highlight the 5 most dangerous signs of the zodiac, which is better not to cross the road.

The most vengeful signs of the zodiac can be extremely good about people who have not offended them. Understanding what kind of person is in front of you is very difficult, but if you recognize his Star Sign, then some questions will automatically be answered. Do not be too categorical, because not always people within one Sign behave identically.

There are many different aspects that cannot be ignored: upbringing, living conditions, gender, current mood.

What is dangerous revenge

Energetically, revenge is a huge problem for a person who has such a character trait. Restrain yourself is very difficult when there is a temptation to repay the offender with the same coin. Some people almost never succeed. And the majority remembers the insults, and this memory torments them, devours them from within.

It is important to be able to abstract from this.

Negative memories destroy the power of our biofield. No one can predict what exactly is fraught with, but in many cases, overly vengeful people often get sick, often lack luck, have an oppressed mood.

Rating of the most vengeful signs of the zodiac

Fifth place — Twins. The twins entering the top five of the most vengeful Signs, because they do not disregard the negative, coming even from loved ones. They want to show that their self-esteem touched, so they start rumors about people who are dear to them.

Sometimes the cruelty of Gemini knows no bounds. These people are deprived of regret, so they get a deserved fifth place. They take revenge on not very cruel, but they do it very secretly, while no one sees.

In fact, you may never know that Gemini has avenged your revenge.

Fourth place — Leo. Lions are very vindictive, but their revenge is very fast and almost instant. The lions hold almost no evil on the man who caused them problems, however, in their strength their rancor surpasses any other.

No one can compare with the Lions in this regard, perhaps no one, so if they have the opportunity to take revenge right here and now, they will take advantage of it.

They do it with words or fists. Physical abuse is not a problem for them. but it’s better that they make you general ridicule. If revenge is not immediately possible, they will simply forgive their offender, but not immediately. Grievances will lie somewhere in the subcortex, somewhere far away, which is not very good for health and mood, but everything evaporates very quickly.

In part, this is because Lvov has many enemies, and remembering each of them is already a privilege that they are not ready to provide to the unworthy. Too they are narcissistic people.

Third place — Taurus. The bronze medalist of our negative rating is a bright representative of the Sign of the Earth. Taurus is bursting with the desire to take revenge on those who acted with them not very well. Sometimes they revenge too cruelly, even those who have done nothing out of the ordinary.

What destroys them is the swiftness of retribution and its ill-conceivedness. The victim immediately realizes that they were offended by the same person to whom they had previously crossed the road. Taurus revenge extremely careless and even funny.

It makes people lose all respect for them. In a word, they do not know how to give change, but they try to do it always.

Taurus can not stand when they have something wrong, so they are very worried about any failure, even when they can not take revenge as it should. They are greatly satisfied with successful revenge, which is why they get bronze for their swiftness and lack of thought.

Second place — Virgo. Virgos get well-deserved silver, because they take revenge on almost everyone who offends them. A distinctive feature of these people is a good heart, which sometimes becomes evil.

After the act of retaliation, the Virgo always regret their act, but they do it again and again. The second place these people get for the incredible forethought of their actions and for a special creative approach in the process.

These people do not always enjoy what they do, but they perceive revenge as the only medicine, as a certain obligatory ritual, from which they cannot escape. They are eaten by resentment, which turns into apathy and regret. If you crossed the road to this person, then you better apologize as soon as possible, otherwise you will have to look back to the end of your days.

First place — Scorpios. These people are the most dangerous of all. If we put them in second place, they would have revenged us too, so there was simply no choice.

But, joking aside. These people are dangerous as a bunch of dynamite lying next to an open fire. They receive the gold medal for rancor because of cruelty and persistence.

Scorpions are the most sophisticated «avengers» on the planet. They come to the head cruel plans that they do not hesitate to implement.

The first place is taken away by the Scorpions, also because you become their enemies forever, if you manage to at least somehow cross their path. The case may not be limited to one act of retribution. Even if you ask for forgiveness from them, they will not calm down.

Their rancor does not cause them any special problems, because they live like this 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The most terrible habits of people are rancor, envy, desire for jealousy and possessiveness. We cannot get rid of them, but if we even try to reduce their influence on us at least a little, then our life will be transformed for the better. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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