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Talismans and charms for signs of the zodiac

Talismans and charms for signs of the zodiac

Well-chosen talismans work flawlessly, except for luck and well-being, they lure happiness and success in personal matters to their owner. It should be remembered that a particular talisman corresponds to a certain Zodiac sign, therefore, when selecting it, you should be especially careful.

It is imperative that the talisman be new, never used before. Well, if the selected item will be charged with a magician versed in this area. After that, you can not give anyone your talisman even for a while.

If this happens, the host of the amulet will begin to lose its own energy and will be open to various misfortunes, troubles and diseases.

Aries. People born under this sign of the zodiac spend a huge amount of energy in communicating with others. The talismans of round or square shape, mostly red, orange or green, will help them to maintain their own spiritual strength. Aries protects Mars, so they should wear amulets in the form of bladed weapons (knife daggers, swords).

Suitable stones for this Mark: amethyst, garnet, ruby ​​or diamond.

Taurus. Ideal materials for talismans — wood or bronze. Wood charms will be particularly relevant for Taurus. The success, family well-being and financial stability of the representatives of this Zodiac sign can bring an elephant figurine.

But red in any manifestation is best avoided. Among the stones, sapphire, emerald and jade will be the perfect choice for Taurus amulets.

Twins. This sign represents a changeable air element. Trinkets or pendants with a keyhole, key or theatrical mask will suit representatives of the Sign as talismans.

Good for Gemini affects blue, blue, white, and shades of green, on the contrary, only hurt. Jewelry made of agate, chrysoprase or beryl will perfectly complement the image and protect its owner.

Crayfish. The moon patronizes this Sign, so it will be helpful for its representatives to carry a moon or heart-shaped talisman with them. Calm and self-confidence will bring jewelry in the form of a crab or cancer.

Suitable metals: white gold and silver, stones: amber and turquoise, pearls.

a lion. The talismans personifying the power of this Zodiac sign are the sun, the eagle and, actually, the lion. Moreover, the planet-patron of Lviv is the sun.

His image levels the appeal of flattery. Representatives of this Sign should avoid cold colors and shades. Gold and topaz are a great choice for making a talisman in this particular case.

Virgo. Give confidence, protect against misfortune and attract success and love for this zodiac can talisman-owl. If it is made of plaster or clay, its strength will double.

Calm and cool shades enhance the positive effect of the charm. Items made from cornelian or malachite will also bring good luck to the Virgins.

Libra. Everything is simple here — decoration in the form of scales with two hanging bowls will allow you to become more serious and collected. A talisman made of silver is the best option for Libra who wants to get rich. They generally suit cool colors and shades.

Opal, beryl, sapphire — these stones are in perfect harmony with Libra.

Scorpio. Anything connected with a weapon or a battle can become a talisman. Say a miniature mace, a small cannonball, and so on. Luck sign can bring an image or a figure of a frog.

The main color is red, the stones are hematite or ruby.

Sagittarius. The best defenders for representatives of this Zodiac sign are the Phoenix bird or the scarab beetle. A small horse figure or a tiny bronze horseshoe will also have a positive effect. The color of Sagittarius is blue.

Agate, topaz and chrysolite are suitable stones.

Capricorn. An excellent choice in this case — the image of the stairs or a coin. Luck and success are attracted by charms and talismans of all shades of yellow, in particular gold dyeing with rubies or onyx.

Aquarius. The figure of an angel or a bird is a wonderful talisman for Aquarius. Everything connected with the flight and the sky is perfect for Aquarius as a talisman. Including any items with shades of blue.

Suitable metals for this Aquarius are silver or platinum. Among the stones they should opt for zirconium and amethysts.

Fish. It is expected that the talisman for this sign is everything that is in any way associated with water, for example amulets made of coral. Pendants in the form of fish or jellyfish inlaid with pearls are a wonderful choice.

Favorable colors — green or blue.

In fact, absolutely any object can become a talisman. If you take this or that thing in your hands, the person feels something pleasant, warm or positive vibration, then this is his talisman. He will attract success, welfare, happiness in family affairs to his master. Pick a protective talisman and do not forget to press and

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