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Signs of Destiny to be noticed

Signs of Destiny to be noticed

Clues Destinies are found in unexpected places. Sometimes in order to get an answer to an exciting question and bring well-being into your life, you just have to look at your feet.

Popular wisdom and observations of the shamans have merged together to let us know which of the signs of Destiny really promise us pleasant surprises, strength, health and well-being. Objects, actions and emotions — all this is not only possible, but also needs to be directed to your own good.

Signs of Destiny worth paying attention to

one. Bird feathers, according to beliefs, have a strong energy, able to protect the house from any manifestations of negative. If you find a feather, bring it home and put it in a vase, or stick it in the door jamb.

2 River pebbles have absorbed the power of the water element, therefore they are strong sources of positive energy. Several of these stones will fill you and your home with power.

3 You can recharge the power of the Sun with the help of cunning known to shamans since ancient times. When the sun is at a 45-degree angle to you, fold your thumb and forefinger. Catch the sunrays in the resulting triangle and guide yourself to the crown.

This hint will help you to strengthen your own energy.

four. Remember the boomerang law, and always look for ways to help those in need. Good will come back to you.

five. Do not mess with Death. She, too, can joke, only without risking anything.

And you parted with the biggest jewel — life.

6 Do not look at the negative. Go, holding your head high, and in your hand squeeze a metal object or pebble.

7 In any failure, take inspiration from nature and the sky. Just lift your head up and remember that behind the densest clouds there is a warm sun, bright stars and endless space.

eight. Fate throws us tests not to break. Her lessons are supreme grace.

Learn not to succumb to difficulties and learn from your mistakes in order to transfer experience to future generations.

9. Water is the source of strength and wisdom. Fate gives us a chance to enlist the support of the spirit of water — use it. Throw milk, bread and small coins into the water (the latter only in water bodies without living beings).

Do not throw garbage into the ponds — thus you bring on yourself the disease.

ten. Do not call your past the best time of life. Capricious Fortune may be offended and stop giving you pleasant surprises.

Live happily today and tomorrow, not in the past tense.

eleven. Build your happiness with loved ones. Act together and with mutual assistance.

Such an approach to business will always find a response and support from the Universe.

12. Fate constantly tells us where and when to draw energy and strength. Summer Solstice Day — one of the most powerful sources of power.

Spend some time near the water and type a little from a natural source (key, spring). With the help of such water, you can conduct all kinds of rituals, be treated for various diseases, prolong beauty and youth.

13. In the world, everything is in harmony. Create harmony within yourself, stop thinking stamps and express the thoughts of others. Live in mutual understanding, pray to those Gods in which you believe, and do not insult others with your statements.

Fate teaches us not to notice the shortcomings of others, but to correct our own.

14. Observations of ancestors suggest that wild trees and shrubs reduce the growth of cultivated plants in the garden. In small areas, use only home cultures.

Thank nature for the gifts, and she will give you thanks.

15. Use the rain to your advantage. Flows of celestial moisture can remind you of something long forgotten, stir up emotions, calm and even wash away all the accumulated negative.

This gift of Destiny is directly related to your well-being. Just wash off the remnants of anger and irritation, standing under the warm summer rain.

sixteen. If you feel heavy on the soul, tell us about your problems of the Universe. She, like no one else, is able to listen and prompt a way out of the situation.

In addition, a person sometimes needs a strong and silent interlocutor.

17 Never lose touch with your roots. Generic power will protect you all the more, the more you pay attention to living and deceased relatives.

Spirits of ancestors protect the whole race, and Destiny constantly shows us their care. It is important to feel and see with your heart.

18. Housewives, buying products, must remember that they acquire happiness and health for their entire family. Your care comes from the heart.

Favorable Fate, watching your desire to take care of your family, will add to your optimism and strength.

nineteen. In difficult situations, find an opportunity to get out in the bosom of nature. Ask her questions, and you will definitely get answers.

Fate is favorable to people with an inquisitive mind and those who do not give up on obstacles.

20. Trust your intuition. Fortune speaks to you in all languages.

Watch the changes happening to you. If you are lucky, then you are on the right track.

21. Consider the obstacles in your path. One-time «stumbling» does not mean that you are doing the wrong thing.

However, if the obstacles are of the same type, and Fate as if turns you away from the case, this should be taken seriously. Analyze your actions — something you probably missed, and Fate gives you a chance to correct mistakes.

Items you encounter on the way also symbolize luck or obstacles. Some things are advisable to accept as a gift, while others go around in a wide arc.

The main thing in which various practices of the whole world converge, whether it be feng shui, the Indian Vedas, Rodnoverie, the occult and much more, listen to your heart. See the world not through the prism of public opinion, but through the eyes of the soul. We wish you new victories and achievements, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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