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Signs of Destiny: the secrets of the shamans

Signs of Destiny: the secrets of the shamans

Fate can be changed. Fate affects our lives and every day sends us signs indicating the right path, you only need to be able to read them. There are several ways to do this.

These signs need to be able to notice. They are born in the little things that surround us everywhere. Virtually all of these signs know magicians, visionaries and shamans, who give the study of destiny all their time.

It can be called effective signs — not just popular wisdom, but something unique that only a few individuals know. Now we can share these secrets with you.

Special signs of fate

Most of all shamans pay attention to such a sign of fate as misfortune or problems. If many problems or misfortunes arise in your life, then know that this fate wants to turn things around otherwise. If the problem concerns you directly, then you need to change your path by choosing another road.

Usually, shamans perceive problems as a gift of fate, because the most experienced of them believe that troubles portend even greater problems. More need to worry when everything is quiet and calm. Before the storm, as they say, there is always a lull.

Do not be angry at fate, if you are unlucky in something. The point is not that good luck or bad luck stand behind relatively minor misfortunes. The secret of fate is that minor problems save us from big failures. They seem to tell us: «Do not relax.»

Do not scold life and the Universe for being splashed with mud by a passing car or for being late for work. It was necessary because it should be.

There is one more thing on which shamans concentrate their attention — this is the difficulties. Differences between difficulties and problems many people do not see. In fact, they are huge. When you reach your cherished goal, but with more effort than usual, this is normal.

This means that fate favors you, and luck is on your side. Remember that it is easy only for those who do nothing.

Anxiety — This is the most annoying member of the problem team. Anxieties are our own problems, not messages of fate. They are born in our minds and come out when the mind weakens or obscures our mind.

In this case, you need to meditate more and relax, to increase energy. By themselves, anxiety means nothing, but their consequences can also be very negative. Try to establish contact with your inner world as often as possible.

Dream, watch a nice movie, read books and spend more time on your favorite hobby.

Shamans tips

Help other people. Do it for free to clear your karma and transform fate. Do it from the heart, and not just like that. True good is inexplicable and has incredible power.

Only a kind person deserves more than anyone else. Evil can give you money, fame and recognition, but it will not give you happiness. Glory is over, the money will go too. Only emptiness will remain.

So you are always in search of the good in your soul.

Do not harm anyone. This applies not only to humans, but also to animals. Moreover, this even applies to environmental pollution. Natural curses are the strongest.

Do not throw garbage into or near water. Water is the source of life and energy of the battles. Follow the creative path, not destructive.

By harming the world around you, you ruin your destiny.

Love Fall in love and don’t be discouraged if something goes wrong with you. Parting is an integral part of our lives.

They teach us that sometimes happiness needs to be able to wait. Love with all your heart and avoid hate. This is the opposite feeling that destroys all good in man.

If you don’t like something, then change yourself first, and the world will change itself. Always start with yourself. If you feel sad, ask yourself why this is happening. Maybe you pay too much attention to something that does not deserve it.

If you want a lot of money, then learn to think so that the money will go to you. Remember that thoughts are material.

Watch your health. The shamans say that a healthy body always attracts good luck, since the energy of such a body is always at a high level. The fate of people involved in sports is always better built than the fate of those who choose the wrong lifestyle, fatty foods, cigarettes and alcohol.

In a healthy body healthy mind.

Do not doubt. Out of doubt. They make it difficult for you to be guided along the right path. It has already been mentioned above that any thought can become a reality.

Doubts destroy dreams, scare success. Then people complain about fate, although all problems begin with thoughts.

Do not be jealous. Worse envy only hatred. Everyone has what they deserve.

If it seems to you that fate is unfair, then start doing something to change it. We live in a dynamic and changeable world, so do not limit yourself to a straight line. Fate gives us chances to turn at intersections.

Remember that life is something beautiful. Even if your path is littered with difficulties, it is still unique and beautiful in its own way. Increase your energy, using affirmations for every day.

So your thoughts will help you build happiness and will teach you to look into the future only with a smile. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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