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Sagittarius Zodiac: stones, charms and colors

Sagittarius Zodiac: stones, charms and colors

Each sign of the zodiac has its own amulet stones, attracting luck, money and strength. Sagittarius is favored by such stones as obsidian, chrysolite, turquoise, topaz and tiger eye. Obsidian helps Strelets to overcome all negative qualities and gives them activity and energy.

This stone contributes to the development of intuition and flexibility of thinking.

Chrysolite — a symbol of peace, peace and peace of mind. This stone will protect the owner from dangers and detractors. He will help to achieve harmony with himself and the world.

Chrysolite gives ease, drives off disturbing thoughts and heals emotional experiences.

Turquoise is one of the strongest warding stones. This stone has a powerful protective field and can protect its owner from troubles and misfortunes. Turquoise will help to restore past relationships and keep the current ones.

In addition, the stone is a great help for various ailments. It can soothe pain and is endowed with anti-inflammatory properties.

Topaz protects Streltsov from damage, the evil eye and negative energy. He grants wealth, recognition and love. In addition, topaz is able to save its owner from a bad mood and stress.

It also has a beneficial effect on physical health: it regulates metabolism, gives vitality and promotes the appearance of appetite.

The tiger’s eye is a talisman for strong-willed people. He can attract luck and fulfill all the dreams, if his owner will make an effort. This stone gives Sagittarius confidence, determination and vitality.

He fights against the negative manifestations of the Streltsov character, such as laziness, impotence, despondency and insecurity.

In addition to stones, each zodiac sign also protects the talisman. The talisman of Streltsov is the Salamander. This is a talisman of exceptionally strong people.

Salamander gives its owner a supply of vital energy, restores strength and gives it the necessary qualities. Archers with such a talisman will gain faith in themselves and will be able to move mountains. Another talisman suitable for this zodiac sign is the centaur. This talisman gives the Sagittarius physical endurance, activity, leadership qualities, flexible intelligence and curiosity.

This talisman combines energy and power of thinking in Sagittarius.

For Sagittarius characteristic blue color. This color is able to awaken in people interest and craving for knowledge. Blue is a symbol of freedom, depth and infinity.

He gives Sagittarius wisdom, harmony, emotional balance. Blue color helps to find contact with people, attracts attention and gives a person intuition. In addition, this color reduces fatigue, fights stress and gives its owner energy and optimism.

Also blue contributes to weight loss. In blue clothes, Sagittarius will be easier to endure all the diet. Like this article? Then be sure to put and

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