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Prophetic Dreams by Zodiac Sign

Prophetic Dreams by Zodiac Sign

The secrets of the subconscious can be the key to many mysteries. In the dream, we can see special signs that warn us about a possible danger or about the upcoming happy moments.

Every dream is unique, but not everyone is prophetic. Our thoughts in dreams acquire freedom, so an analysis of what happened on the other side of the world can acquire a special meaning.

Astrologers note that the dreams of the Signs of the Zodiac differ, so the warnings and stimuli to action we get are different. That is why they made an approximate map of dreams, with the help of which it is possible to decipher what is happening.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Representatives of fire signs often remember what happened to them in a dream. Usually these are bright events, sometimes unfinished and ending in the most interesting place. Most often, this is a reflection of thoughts and feelings that they have not fully experienced or realized.

Fire Signs have a rich imagination, and therefore are able not only to comprehend what is happening, but with the help of sleep to complete some work and even solve problems. To Aries, prophetic dreams come in the form of global warnings — they can observe floods and other natural disasters that will come true in the near future. Lions often memorize their visions to the smallest detail, but do not always draw the right conclusions. Sagittarius can dream of ingenious inventions, however in the morning they dissipate like haze.

If the Fire Signs are dreaming of success, it means that in reality they need not to miss the moment to take advantage of this opportunity. Takeoffs are always luck; falls are a warning of potential problems.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth Signs have realistic and vivid dreams that reflect real life. Prophetic dreams most often warn them about the coming illness, physical and emotional health problems. Material and transparent dreams reflect everyday life, work, personal relationships, and therefore are easily interpreted. Virgos should pay attention to the emotional components of the conversation in a dream — unpleasant communication in a dream warns that when interacting with certain people should keep a distance.

For Taurus, falls, bruises or cuts are a signal that problems will soon begin with one or another part of the body. Capricorns often dream about personal relationships, quarrels and dramas, falling in love and finding a partner, but rarely remember them to the end. These Signs should pay attention to the words spoken in a dream.

Friendliness means good luck, agitated notes warn of troubles, and anger points to unwanted people, communication with whom will not bring joy.

Aquarius, Libra, Gemini

Air Signs often have confused dreams that are not fixated on a particular plot and event. It can be labyrinths, alternating spring landscapes, travels and homes. Astrologers note that the dreams of members of the air element are rarely visionary, but some details may warn about certain incidents in real life. Often the dreams of Aquarius is a broken phone.

For example, if they dreamed of a clear smile, it could mean betrayal. Scales dream of flying, fabulous creatures and endless expanses. A heavy feeling of heaviness often warns of a conflict with the household. Gemini do not have designer dreams in which they see themselves from the outside and can add or remove certain qualities.

These dreams indicate that in reality it is time to change something in behavior, otherwise problems cannot be avoided.

Fish, Cancer, Scorpio

Water Signs are more often predisposed to providence, therefore their dreams require attention and interpretation. Often these are abstract, mystical dreams, intricate and unusual. If there are representatives of the water element in your environment, you should pay attention to their words. They can dream of people they know in an unusual environment, and this is reflected in real life.

Pisces are accustomed to interpret their dreams themselves, without being obsessed with dream-books and other people’s opinions. Their developed intuition allows you to cover the entire dream and isolate the details that are worth paying attention to. Their dreams more often reflect the emotions and relationships of people. Scorpios often manage to see dreams of a career, a winning lottery ticket, an exam question to which they can give a brilliant answer.

These dreams need to be taken seriously — such clues are often life-changing. Cancers often dream of traveling, overcoming obstacles and everything connected with tireless optimism and a thirst for victory. The calmer the nature around, the easier it is for Cancers to achieve well-being in real life.

Each dream is a unique combination of thoughts, feelings, seen and heard. It is important not to dwell on the negative and adjust yourself to solve all the problems that arise along the way. If you have questions, before bed, tune in to the fact that you will definitely find an answer to them in the near future.

Many people told how in a dream they managed to complete a responsible business, to find the clue to the next puzzle, to learn what was not possible in reality. We wish you only pleasant dreams, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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