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Pisces zodiac sign: character, health, ideal diet

Pisces zodiac sign: character, health, ideal diet

People of this constellation are endowed with insight, well-developed intuition, the gift of clairvoyance and excellent memory. Thanks to these qualities, they are able to see people through, to predict the course of future events and to look into the future. Pisces are merciful and good-natured people. They can always understand the person, listen to him and give advice.

Representatives of this constellation are ready to give up everything and sacrifice their interests for the sake of loved ones. They are selfless, sincere and fair.

Pisces do not like loneliness. Being in complete solitude, they lose their true face, give to boredom and despondency. They need to always be in society.

Often Pisces becomes the soul of the campaign. They have a great sense of humor, tact and wit. However, cheerful mood is not a permanent trait of character. Often they are visited by bad mood, depression and depression.

They can long remain in their fantasies.

It is common for Pisces to look at the world through rose-colored glasses, forgetting about the realities of modern life. Trying to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle, representatives of this constellation often resort to drinking alcohol. Their unpreparedness for the realities of the world leads to a bad ending.

Pisces in every possible way avoid difficulties, trying not to fight with them, but to get round. People of this constellation prefer to go with the flow, without thinking about the consequences.

Influencing Pisces is extremely difficult: they do not tolerate coercion and power over them. Often they don’t care what others think of them. However, to criticism Pisces react painfully.

They have a very vulnerable and subtle mental organization, and in a conversation with them it is necessary to choose the right words in order not to offend and not to hurt. Despite the fact that Pisces avoids difficulties, good luck is always on their side. Representatives of this zodiac sign can boast of rare luck.

Because of its vulnerability, fish are subject to frequent stress and anxiety. Their nervous system suffers and their immunity decreases. Fish tend to catch cold and get sick with viral infections.

They are also characterized by diseases such as tumors and an enlarged thyroid gland. All health problems in Pisces are associated with an unstable emotional state. They are advised to avoid stressful situations and often spend time with loved ones.

In order to improve their immunity, people of this constellation are recommended to eat salads, cereals and seafood. To maintain metabolism and promote good health, Fishes need to eat foods that contain calcium, iron phosphate, and potassium sulfate. These substances are found in large quantities in dairy products, grapes, nuts, quince and raisins. Avoid fatty foods and sweets.

Do not drink plenty of fluids and abuse meat.

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