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Meditations on the Sign of the Zodiac: appeal to the elements

Meditations on the Sign of the Zodiac: appeal to the elements

For each zodiacal element, you can choose your own, special meditation. It will help replenish vitality and increase energy.

Different things happen in our lives, including unpleasant incidents. Sometimes we just get tired of the routine. Meditation can return to the hands of the very life-saving straw, which is able to keep from the ocean of problems and return on board the ship.

Before taking care of yourself, take care of the place where you live, improving the energy of your home. This is of paramount importance, because the space in which we live, greatly affects our health and energy.

Meditation for Earth Signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

Meditations during walking are suitable for you, for your essence is harmony with the surrounding world and its material component. The earth is your guide and source of wisdom, which in the moments of energy surges beats the key.

Your world is life, therefore walks in the forest, along the street, may be suitable for meditation. If you have plants at home, they will also be very useful. The preparation is the simplest — you need the concentration and presence of atmospheric music, the sounds of nature: the sound of the ocean, the mountain river, the singing of birds in the forest, the wind, and so on.

Generally, audio meditations will be an excellent choice if you cannot go outside or if you do not have plants at home.

Walking through the forest or along the street, you can turn on the music of the sounds of nature in order to merge with the whole body and soul with the Earth. Imagine that there is no one around you. Solitude will give you the strength to make important decisions and to choose the right path in life. At home, when you meditate with a plant, it is better to do it with your eyes closed.

Touch the leaves or flowers, breathe evenly and imagine how you are charging with energy from the plants or from the earth itself. As for walks, during them you can think about something detached — the right attitude will come to you yourself.

Meditation for Air Zodiac Signs: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius

Your best helper is air, so for help in difficult situations and just to relax, turn to breathing. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then slowly exhale and silently start counting inhale and exit. It is better to do this in the fresh air in a fixed state — on the bench or on the balcony. Inhale, exhale — one.

Inhale, exhale — two. and so on. Well-suited breathing exercises, which we described earlier.

Air Zodiac Signs often face the problem of misplaced priorities. During meditation, try to think about what is most important to you at this time. Let the air help you, filling you with energy.

You can meditate to the music of wind or birds singing, so that no one will disturb you to meditate at work or on the street during a walk.

Meditation for the Fire Signs of the Zodiac: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries

Fire Signs of the Zodiac is the personification of warmth, unbridledness and passion. It is best to meditate on the flame of a candle. This should be done at night, when no one can disturb you. No one should disturb you.

Extraneous sounds are also not needed, so it is better to close the doors.

You will need a lot of candles or just one. If the candle is alone, try to get away from extraneous thoughts and concentrate your eyes on the flame. It should hypnotize you.

The longer you can sit without moving and without extra thoughts in your head, the better it will be. This will greatly enhance your energy and bring harmony to it. If there are many candles, you can place them around you, close your eyes and think about how the fire inside you becomes calmer and more balanced.

Meditation for Aquatic Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

For you, the best option for meditation will be water treatments. A pool, a sea, a river, a lake or even a bathroom will do. Natural water meditations are best done in silence — that is, either early in the morning or late in the evening. You just need to close your eyes and imagine how you become part of the water, dissolving in it.

Your original mind should help to do this without difficulty. You just sit in the water and with your eyes closed imagine that you are the ocean. Especially well such meditations help to find solutions in difficult situations.

In the pool you can try to lie on your back and meditate also with your eyes closed. In the bathroom or in the shower, everything is a little different, although the principle is the same. You dissolve yourself in a liquid medium to make the world more understandable. Having typed the bathroom, lie down in it and say to yourself: “I am who I should be.

I can change the world. ” Your main task is to recognize yourself, so just use the water to find solutions, to choose the path.

Improve your energy, because it is the key to good luck and happiness, as well as good mood. Use affirmations, meditations, and more often do what you love. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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