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Lunar Zodiac Signs

Lunar Zodiac Signs

Abilities, success, health and the fate of a person are largely determined by the position of the moon in one of the zodiacal constellations at the time of his birth. Knowing your moon Sign of the Zodiac, you can reveal your hidden talents and understand in which life areas you are able to achieve the greatest success.

Belonging to one of the twelve signs of the zodiac is traditionally determined by the location of the sun in the sectors of the zodiac belt. When a baby is born, each baby receives its “sun sign”, which can tell a lot about its individual characteristics. The position of the Sun at the time of the birth of a person affects his conscious, volitional sphere, determines the most striking traits of character and behavior.

In addition to the solar sign of the zodiac, man is endowed with the moon, and astrologers consider it the most significant. If the Sun makes its way through all twelve constellations during the year, then the Moon has time to visit each of them in a month. The Moon Sign of the Zodiac is determined by the location of the night star on the heavenly map on the birthday of a person. Thus, by the Solar Sign you can be Scorpio, and according to the lunar calendar — Leo.

Because many people, reading the description of the individual characteristics of the solar signs of the zodiac, often can not find their characteristic features. As a rule, the characteristics most closely match those whose Moon and Sun Signs are the same.

The zodiac sign according to the lunar calendar determines the area of ​​the subconscious in a person: intuition, emotional background, natural inclinations and hobbies, instincts. The moon affects the structure of the body and its vulnerable sides, leads to a predisposition to chronic diseases. It is necessary to take into account that every year the time of stay of the night star in the constellations changes, so the Moon Sign is calculated individually, taking into account the day, month, year and place of birth.

Each lunar Zodiac sign has a set of characteristics that appear in its carriers.

Characteristics of the Lunar Zodiac Signs

Aries characterized by increased activity, enthusiasm and vitality. Able to easily achieve the desired. They achieve great success in organizational and managerial activities.

Cons: difficulties in perceiving the feelings of other people and the willingness to go over their heads to achieve their goal.

Moon Sign Taurus provides its carrier the constancy, the desire for material and spiritual stability, a high ability to concentrate. Taurus reaches heights in finance. Negative qualities: stubbornness and obsession with their field of activity.

Actually Twins manifests dualism: the ease of character and friendliness are combined with a tendency to sharp flashes of negative emotions. Twins are able to understand other people’s feelings as if they had experienced them themselves. Good luck accompanies representatives of this Sign in any work that implies enhanced communication with people.

Crayfish have a very developed emotional and sensual sphere. Acutely perceive the world around, able to catch the slightest changes in the mood of other people. Sometimes this leads to moral exhaustion and diseases on the nerves of the soil.

Artistic, easily succeed in the performing arts.

Lions — born leaders. Sharpened intuition always tells them how to get out of problematic situations and win the favor of the people around them. The moon gave Lviv bright charisma and unlimited ambition that can grow into egoism.

Representatives of this lunar Sign are able to realize themselves in any area related to publicity.

Punctuality, gentleness and calm are the dominant features. Dev. Virgos are able to bring harmony even to the most emotionally unstable team and have a beneficial effect on the people around them. Virgin successfully implement themselves in medical practice, as well as working with children.

Libra most clearly manifest themselves in relationships with other people. Sacrifice and constancy are their fundamental qualities. Scales create strong family unions in which they open themselves and help their loved one to open up.

With proper support, they overcome self-doubt and succeed.

Moon gave Scorpions heightened intuitive sense and endowed with good imagination. Representatives of the sign of Scorpio feel good to other people, are able to calculate the situation a few steps ahead and predict future events. For self-realization they often choose the sphere of creative activity.

Sagittarius active and unpredictable. Possess good analytical skills. Prone to outrageous behavior, seeking to gain recognition in the eyes of others. In stressful situations may give way to the impulse and make a rash act.

Successfully implement themselves in public professions.

Sign Representatives Capricorn purposeful and focused. They are able to plan time and foresee the results of their actions, therefore they easily achieve their goals. Loaded on pragmatics, rarely show vivid emotions. Do not pay attention to what does not concern them.

In a relationship tend to restrict the initiative of other people.

Aquarius pay huge attention to those around the world. They are eager to learn the riddles of nature and human nature, therefore they diligently analyze the personality of each person with whom they enter into a relationship. Sometimes they can talk about people more than they know about themselves.

Aquarius — born psychologists.

People born at the time of the stay of the Moon Pisces, have a high level of empathy and love for everything around them. Always ready to provide others with material and moral assistance. Often they suffer because people use their kindness for their own purposes.

They need a “guiding hand” and protection.

The signs of the zodiac on the lunar calendar will indicate which area of ​​life should be given special attention, will help discover the hidden qualities and extract from them the benefits. We wish you success, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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