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Lunar Eclipse January 31: Why Beware of the Zodiac Signs

Lunar Eclipse January 31: Why Beware of the Zodiac Signs

The moon is a space object that changes most often, as well as the most important for us, as it is very close. Today there will be a lunar eclipse, which in astrology has a special meaning.

Today is the second full moon of the month. This phenomenon is called astrology Blue Moon. It will also affect the lives of representatives of each Zodiac.

This day is full of warnings from astrologers, because it is dangerous and negative. Any eclipse carries a huge part of bad energy that is absorbed by society as a whole or by each person individually.

The total impact of the eclipse and the blue moon

January 31 is a dangerous day because the Moon will be under the influence of the Sign of Leo. In addition to the incomprehensible and irresistible desire to do stupid things, many people will have a desire to spend more money. A full moon in Leo is doubly dangerous for people, because problems are not noticed on such days. They simply do not exist.

But the next day they are felt very clearly. This is a dangerous day that should be lived carefully, without risks.

Many people will be drawn to communication, to active recreation. That is why the efficiency and efficiency of labor as a whole will be significantly reduced. Do not expect big performance today.

On the other hand, those who are engaged in sales can get lucky, because people will buy everything they need and don’t need.

It will be a strange time when no one wants to take responsibility, when no one wants to take the first step. Dating will be incredibly difficult to tie, so do not hope that you will find love. People will be closed, so do not aspire to contact and do not rush to start a relationship. All important decisions will need to be made later.

Today, try to just be observers. You need time to understand what is happening now.

As for the Blue Moon, it affects the lives of people in general. Today there will be some invisible change that will become clear either in a couple of days, or in a month or a bit more. It is likely that only the next Full Moon will emerge the negative effects of the Blue Moon and eclipse.

The Effects of Eclipses on Zodiac Signs

The eclipse of the moon is its partial incapacity, as well as its opposition with the sun. Today and tomorrow you need to spend more time on trifles, however, for each Zodiac sign there will be a way.

Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn. These five signs of the zodiac with the moon do not fit well, so today your problems will be limited to whims, instability of mood. Self-control will help you to cope with the main tasks and avoid trouble.

If you are impulsive, this day will be doubly dangerous for you.

January 31, representatives of these Signs need to prepare for the fact that they will become more sensual and sensitive to everything around. Nothing will pass you unnoticed. Good or bad — you decide.

Lviv and Streltsov will have a better chance of success, because their intuition will not let them down because of the strong Sun. In the creative directions of Lions and Strelets Troops will be able to succeed more than anyone else. Aries will be very individual personalities, therefore all public attention will be concentrated on them. This is a very unusual day for Aries, Lviv and Streltsov, because you will have many chances for success, despite the general negative mood.

Do not change the situation — go along the same road that you are used to.

As for the signs of the zodiac, which are strongly dependent on the moon in its good position, it is worth noting Taurus, Virgo, Crayfish and Pisces. The sun in your life does not take any part, so you only have to accept the fact that the Moon will try to change your life for the worse. Your state of mind and mood will most likely be very negative. Somewhere in the subconscious there will be hidden processes that negatively affect your future and present life.

Your desires will be very ambiguous, enthusiasm and motivation can evaporate in the morning.

Taurus, Crayfish, Pisces and Virgo will be at risk. Confidence will leave you, and your family will not understand you. Roughly speaking, you will remain in complete solitude. If the love of life returns to your heart, then everything will stabilize a little, but the eclipse will take away from you with all likelihood all that you have been able to keep in your heart.

Concentrate on the fulfillment of your duties, your most pressing tasks, because any ambition for you today will be something of a curse.

Last Group of Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The Moon has no effect on these Signs, but the Sun will become stronger on this day, so for you this day will become almost ordinary. The only problem is the Blue Moon, which acts on all people at once, on the subconscious of all of humanity as a whole.

Be yourself, regardless of affiliation to a particular sign of the zodiac. Tame your anger a little and become more creative. By carrying good, you will receive good in return.

The rest just doesn’t matter. The little things in life are not so important now, because practically nothing will work according to the basic laws of the universe.

You will be able to catch luck by the tail even today, if you don’t attach too much importance to the problems. Self-realization is a non-stop, permanent process. The lunar eclipse should not break you. You will succeed.

Be sure of that. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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