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Lunar eclipse August 18: what to expect signs of the zodiac

Lunar eclipse August 18: what to expect zodiac signs

August 18 of the year we are waiting for an interesting and very rare event — the eclipse of the full moon. Such a coincidence does not happen often, so astrologers advise not to miss it.

On this day, scientists predict the appearance of strange emotions in people, causing unusual behavior and an unpredictable reaction to familiar things. You can learn more about the coming eclipse on August 18, or you can read the personal forecast for your Zodiac.

Aries are impulsive personalities who rarely rely on logic in making important decisions. This day is as if created for them, because the emotional side of life today is most important. This does not mean that it is forbidden to think about actions — just do not think too much, because it will not bring you much luck on this difficult day.

This sign of the zodiac often does not trust logic, relying on the sincerity of feelings. You astrologers in this full-moon eclipse are advised to resort to the help of evaluative perception of the world in work. Make all the important decisions in work, business, affairs and love based on the principle of “like — don’t like”, and not “right — not right”.

Astrologers advise you to take care of your health. It is now most important because an eclipse can provoke you to risks more than the rest of the signs of the zodiac. Your main task is to avoid high speeds when driving a car or a motorcycle and as a passenger, alcohol intake and impulsive decisions that can negatively affect your mood.

Cancers on such a day can hurt their loved ones. Warn them that your decisions may be extremely unusual. You are very susceptible to the negative impact of the lunar eclipse, so try to remember more often about the consequences of any of your words or deeds.

For Lviv, such an astronomical phenomenon can become truly destructive. Allow yourself to be weak. Do not pursue success to the ends of the world — you should not risk yourself and your mood for the sake of a small victory. Relax today, relax and do not overdo it.

If you get the opportunity to earn, you can get out of bed, but still think carefully whether the game is worth the candle.

Virgo this day will bring problems in love. Just accept your soul mate for what it is, without unnecessary reproaches and expectations. People today can be very strange.

Be wary of selfish people, but don’t rely on the help of our article on the most selfish Zodiac signs, because today, during a lunar eclipse, everything rises upside down and the usual laws of astrology do not work.

The eclipse of the full moon in Aquarius is a great opportunity for lazy people to make money or create good conditions for future financial victories. You should not go out of your way to succeed in business or to move up the career ladder. Be cunning and do not be afraid somewhere to lie a little, to embellish events — this is allowed today.

Scorpios can throw fishing rods and wait for success in love. You more than others can get lucky today. Any of your actions may lead in the future to the fact that you find your soul mate. If you are already in love or married, then try to surprise your relationship partner in a pleasant way.

Today you are capable of much.

You should not leave the city and engage in changing the situation. Try to get into your shell and not get out until 19 August. A lunar eclipse in Aquarius can be a difficult time for you if everything is treated with a great deal of attention.

Stay alone with yourself and think things over for the future.

Astrologers advise you to part with the very familiar on this day. Experiment with yourself, do not be afraid of condemnations from friends and relatives. On this day, anything can happen. Use chaos and confusion in order to achieve your goals, but do it effortlessly, calmly and without nerves.

Be wary of teamwork — no one should know about your dark side.

The constellation of Aquarius is the one who affects the moon the most today. Astrologers say that this eclipse seems to be created especially for you. Be careful, but do not panic at times when an important decision needs to be made quickly.

Rely on your intuition and on the voice of the heart. Exercise today will be especially beneficial for you.

This day may seem incredibly difficult for the fish, but all the problems that appear on the horizon on August 18 in the morning can be solved by the evening, and without your participation. Beware of outside help — on this day you yourself must make your life — either wait for fate to correct everything, or make important decisions and act.

A lunar eclipse is a great time to get rid of bad habits, debts, troubles, complexes and negative programs. Special rituals and rituals will help activate your energy and use the magic of the moon for the benefit of yourself. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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