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Lucky numbers of Zodiac Signs

Lucky numbers of Zodiac Signs

For each sign of the zodiac, there is a personal number that attracts luck. Surrounding yourself with happy numbers, you can succeed, attract money, health and happy love.

Many people believe in the good fortune that numbers bring. They associate all important events with a certain number in order to achieve maximum success. But not everyone knows that the Universe at birth rewarded us with its personal talisman, which draws happiness by the Sign of the Zodiac.

You can increase your luck with the help of numerology, which knows the secret of how to attract money, luck and love, using an individual calculation.

Lucky numbers for each zodiac sign

When drawing up a horoscope, numbers from one to nine are used — it is they who determine the further fate of a person. Each Zodiac sign has its own personal numbers, which give it a positive aura and good moments in life. It is possible to learn the full characteristic of a certain digit with the help of numerological interpretation.

By matching important events to dates that coincide with your lucky number, you can significantly increase your chances of success.

Number 1. The unit symbolizes individuality, purposefulness, leadership. The figure gives a person unlimited opportunities to achieve goals. People under her protection are characterized by autonomy: they are not accustomed to relying on chance and achieve everything with their own efforts.

The number 1 dominates over Pisces and Aquarius, giving the representatives of these Zodiac signs confidence in themselves, the ability to defend their point of view, positive and decisiveness.

Number 2. The two helps to open in itself diplomatic abilities, talents, high spiritual qualities. Truly kind and sympathetic people are born under the auspices of the number 2 — peacekeepers who are able to resolve any dispute, resolve a conflict, smooth out sharp quarrels without resorting to cruelty and violence.

People who were destined to be born under the influence of this number achieve their personal happiness through communication. Thanks to innate goodwill Cancers, Libra and Taurus easily achieve the location of people.

The number 3. About the strength of this figure legends were composed in ancient times. Even in Orthodoxy, the troika plays an important role: it’s not for nothing that we say almost all the prayers three times. It is a symbol of holiness, faith, creation. Those born with this code will undoubtedly reach heights in any sphere of life.

They are accompanied by success and good luck, and any difficulties only temper the character. Their achievements are the key to highly developed intuition and creative thinking. Signs of the Zodiac, which favors the three — Virgin, Capricorns, Gemini.

And in combination with other numbers the number 3 helps Libra, Aquarius, Lions and Sagittarius.

The number 4. Four symbolizes limitless intelligence, loyalty, observation, perseverance, independence. The owners of the number 4 can be trusted unconditionally, they will certainly give you a helping hand. These are strong and independent personalities who can handle any problems.

They value people for their spiritual qualities and know how to choose a life partner for themselves, followed by fire and water. The patronage of the four encourages people born under the constellation Cancer, Scorpio, Gemini, Aries, Taurus, to self-development and helping other people.

The number 5. Those born under the control of the five are endowed with vigor, natural magnetism and great opportunities. The number 5 bestows Rakov and Scorpios stability, success and self-knowledge. By actively using this figure in your life, you can expect success in personal and business areas.

The five gives their owners pleasant surprises, and the possibilities of people who are under her protection, know no boundaries. However, this number requires independence and decisiveness: dancing to someone else’s tune will not work, otherwise there is a chance to draw unhappiness into your life.

The number 6. The six characterizes longevity, youth of the soul, charisma, charm and prestige among people. Those born under her patronage easily achieve the location of people, which plays into the hands of gaining a high position in society. Having a large number of connections and opportunities, the owner of the number 6 quickly achieves success. They are also restless individuals who need travel.

Five patronizes Pisces, Libra and Taurus. Representatives of these Marks are able to adapt to circumstances and benefit for themselves. The universe was charged with creating comfort and coziness around them, as well as helping people in need.

Happiness will knock on the life of the owners of the six when they learn to take responsibility and show favor to others.

The number 7. Seven gives independence, spirituality, analytical skills. Its owners are excluded from the influence of other people, and the strength of the number helps to achieve success at the cost of their efforts, intelligence, ingenuity and high intuition. Figure 7 is patronizing Aries, Virgins, Capricorn and Pisces. Often among them are many pioneers, scientists.

Their ability to generate non-standard and ingenious ideas is reflected in society. The life of such personalities never stands still; they almost always remain in the confusion of days and adventures. A calm and rational attitude to money helps them to achieve a comfortable existence.

The number 8. The eight has a huge energy potential and gives Rakov, Lviv, Streltsov and Capricorns purposefulness, energy and philosophical thinking. People born under her patronage have a craving for vanity, fame and easy money. Strange as it may seem, it is precisely such individuals who are more prone to gaining wealth.

The mysterious number, which has a dual nature, rewards their masters with the possibility of contact with other worlds. Such people can find their happiness through magical rituals; some of them are even endowed with extrasensory abilities. Practicality, perseverance, leadership, initiative and a philosophical attitude to life play an important role in the achievement of goals.

The number 9. Nine has almost all the qualities of numbers from 1 to 8, but its strength can be both positive and negative. The number gives its owners with intuition, sensitivity, powerful energy, strength of mind. Have Aries, Lviv, Scorpios, Libra there is a craving for everything unknown and unknown. And perseverance and dedication inherent in them, helps to achieve any heights that they can wish for.

A lucky number gives them a sharp mind and ability. quickly implement the idea. People who learn about their hidden opportunities in time can achieve great success in life.

Lucky numbers can help you succeed — just learn how to rely on them. Making a fateful decision on the day that is under the auspices of your number, you will ensure your luck in all matters. You can also try to calculate your personal life code of fate, which will indicate what can make you more successful. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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