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Love Mascots on the Sign of the Zodiac

Love Mascots on the Sign of the Zodiac

How to attract love? Stones and minerals have very different properties, and some of them have the ability to attract this feeling. Keep in mind your Zodiac Sign and make your own personal talisman of love.

Love stones and their properties

Rose quartz: The most powerful stone that helps to attract love is always associated with something tender and sensual. Helps to get rid of nightmares and heavy memories.

Ruby: one of the most powerful stones. In addition to attracting love, since ancient times it has been considered a symbol of devotion and vital energy. Makes relationship more passionate.

Emerald: the stone of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, which the Romans called Venus. Not surprisingly, he is responsible for love. It helps to preserve feelings and protects against adultery.

Nephritis: in ancient times it was used to attract love. There is a beautiful story about how a young man who lived in China, chased a butterfly and fell into a strange garden. As a result, he married the daughter of a rich mandarin, who owned this garden.

Therefore, the strongest amulet to attract love is a butterfly made of jade.

Turquoise: this stone is credited with attracting money, but it is also a stone of love. For a long time, turquoise jewelry has been given as a sign of true and strong love, as well as strong friendship.

Sapphire: It is considered a stone that strengthens love and allows you to understand a person, to foresee and feel deception. Due to its properties it is possible to establish strong and stable relationships.

Coral: The best coral color is red. Used to attract love for a long time, and also recognized as a stone that can relieve depression and help find harmony within yourself.

Love Stones by Zodiac Signs

Aries: The representatives of this Sign will fit rose quartz and coral.

Taurus: Astrologers advise to bring love to wear the following stones: rose quartz, emerald, sapphire, coral.

Twins: if you want to equip your personal life, the emerald necklace is best suited.

Crayfish: Your astrological love stone is an emerald, but it is also possible to use corals.

A lion: Representatives of your Sign are advised to wear ruby ​​jewelry to attract love.

Virgo: the practical Virgins will find ruby ​​and jade to attract a partner into their lives and to improve mutual understanding and communication with them.

Libra: You have a lot of love stones: rose quartz, emerald, jade, turquoise and coral, and everyone will help you find happiness in your personal life.

Scorpio: Representatives of the Zodiac sign Scorpio is best to use ruby, also pay attention to the coral.

Sagittarius: Your love stone is turquoise.

Capricorn: Turquoise is also suitable for Capricorn, which, together with loving happiness, will also bring protection from the negative.

Aquarius: Two love stones, turquoise and sapphire, will be your helpers in establishing your personal life.

Fish: draw your soul mate with coral. Love you will be guaranteed.

The listed stones have other useful properties, but it is they who attract love. Good luck to you, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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